CJC Touch n Go

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2013/08/09 13:03 JST in Mascot

Touch n go Mufufu.

Here is the full list of Mirai Suenaga Touch n Go that will be available at Culture Japan Convention ^o^

Some are available on day 1, some on day 2. The reason why we had to do this is so that we keep some available for folks who can only attend day 2 - we already got complaints before event start liao ><

Price is the same as last time at RM20 per card. If you got friends who can't make it then you can pick some up for them too.

We have no idea how many people will come to CJC so only have a limited stock.

All cards come with zero credit and can be charged at the usual places. Touch n Go told me to let you know that the cards will last only 10 years ^^;

For those of you who are not beknowist, Touch N Go is an electronic payment system used everywhere in Malaysia - its used to get on the trains, busses, pay highway tolls, used in convenient stores and much much more.
The only other character card that Malaysia has had is Doraemon ^o^

I get the actual samples next week - for now its snaps of my screen ><

Day 1 - Mirai Suenaga at Batu Ferringhi.

Day 2 - Haruka Suenaga on Penang Ferry

Day 2 - Mirai and Friends (Spring)

Day 2 - Mirai and Friends (Summer)

Day 1 - Touch n Go Malaysia

Day 2 - Kanata Hoshikawa at Kek Lok Si

Day 2 - Mirai Suenaga (Winter)

Day 2 - Mirai and Friends (Solar Marines)

Day 2 - Millennium Blade Mirai

Day 2 - Haruka Suenaga Kiss

Before I forget to mention - the orange Culture Japan Con one is not for sale - its free! Will be given out in limited numbers during stage segments at CJC - make sure you check out the stage as we will be giving them out at each segment!

We only re printed a few of the designs from last time. How many of the previous ones did you manage to get hold of?