CJ Night Tokyo 5

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Organizing CJ Night Tokyo with Andrew Shuttleworth has been a great learning experience. We've had 5 episodes so far and they seem to get better each time. Last nights CJ Night was the best ever!
The venue for the evening was at the offices of KDDI Web Communications - their main business is the CPI web hosting and Jimdo - a free online tool that easily enables one to create websites.
Before the event - a bunch of Google Product Managers came over from the US to mingle including Marissa Meyer - Vice President of Search Product and User Experience at Google.
Prepared this post before Jim and Jonny uploaded their pics - check them out too:-
My co-host Andrew Shuttleworth.
My iPhone developer and photographer Ken Lee.
Pokens were being sold at a huge discount too. For those who don't know, these are like electronic business cards. All you have to do is touch your Poken with another Poken owner and your info is exchanged digitally. You plug the USB Poken into your Mac and then you can see that persons info online.
The official launch of Poken in japan was at CJ Night Tokyo and is becoming a huge success over here.
Photo session taimu. All fingers pointing to the giveaway by Circus who came along - t'was their recently released eroge Valkyrie Complex.
Social Evangelist Paul Papadimitriou - he takes the force with him back to the Philippines. Tokyo web2.0 scene is not the same without him.
CJ Night is a great place to find interesting subjects to take photos of. Going to try to get a case for Dollfies as there are 4 Dollfie daughter owners who attend CJ Night.
As you can see from these photos, CJ Night has a great international mix.
The lovely ladies from Circus. Girl on the left as Koko-chan. Will be visiting their offices in Saitama soon. Azusa on the right.
The folks from Moeyo.com.
Lovely lady from KDDI who helped out at the reception.
Mr TAK who arranged for us to use his office. Thank you TAK-san!
We also had a few idols too ^o^
First up is comrade Amano Ai and Mayu-chan from Cutie Pie. They should be performing at the next CJ Night.
The folks from Google thinking what on (Google) earth is going on. They got here before doors opened.
Went along in Vader evening wear - tis what the dark lord wears when wining and dining without his armor. Here I'm struggling with business card exchange while trying not to drop my goodies from Circus ^^;
Catering was provided by comrade Sunil who runs many restaurants in Tokyo called Swagat.
Sunil has been in IT for most of his career and opened up his restaurants as a side business - done very well for himself.
Asahina Marin-chan who calls herself a Hetalayer - compound of "Heta" meaning "Bad at" and cospLayer meaning that she refers to herself as being bad at cosplay ^^;
Expect to see more from Marin-chan but for now keep up with her shenanigans at her burogu.
Mika Ueno - Pro Investor Relations & Corporate Marketing. Quite sweet too.
We had huge CJ Night posters provided by Focal. Gave some out at the end too.
The Web2.0 version of NicoNico - Twitter Fountain. Excellent for events like this. Twitter Fountain pulls in tweets and Flickr images tagged with "cgmnight" in real time.
People following the tweeter will learn about CJ Night too.
Also with our Eye-fi SD card, photos are uploaded via wifi real time from the camera as soon as they are taken and also appear on the projector screen too which are also tagged with "cgmnight" creating virl waves around the web2.0 social media community.
We are in the rainy season in Japan now and the rain last night was horrendous. Despite that and only two days notice, we had a great turn out of well over 100 top bloggers, Vloggers, producers, media, entertainment and tech folks mingle and create bodacious harmony.
Reception hard at work processing the queues of people waiting to get in.
Another Idol - Takahashi Miho.
Heather - CEO of Rinkya.
Kevin Cooney - writer, actor and comedian.
Jim Grisanzio - Sr. Program Manager, OpenSolaris.org Portal Development.
Hector - the most famous Spanish Japan blogger.
Gen Kanai - top man at Mozilla.
David Shackelford - exchange student who worked for Six Apart Japan for a while.
With Yang Yang from Appliya who we are working with on iPhone apps.
Fumi Yamazaki and Satoka F. You may remember Fumi from my first Japanese TV appearance on Blog TV below.
Popular otaku blogger Hisagi-san wins the Circus eroge - t'was my copy but decided to give it up for grabs. Besides - I'll pick one up when I visit their offices soon ^^;
Author of the Otaku Encyclopedia Patrick comes along with Kodansha too.
And a look at some of the goodies that one can potentially get hold of at CJ Night Tokyo!
At each episode of CJ Night there are always exclusive goodies up for grabs ^o^
Foxkeh stickers - official Firefox mascot in Japan.
Valkyrie Complex postcards.
Foxkeh face towel.
Somehow the folks at Circus knew that my fave Dacapo girl is Koko and they brought a long a few of her goodies - just in time for Summer. As I use glass tables, the grimy smelly sweat from me grubby paws goes all over the glass. In the Summer, I usually rest my arms on a towel to keep the table clean.
Koko-chan T-shirt!
Gorgeous Koko oppai mousepad! Some Koko anime action below.
More Firefox 3 stickers - these ones are made of a plasticy material and are reusable.
The folks at KDDI were handing these reusable plastic stickers which are used to hold memos and wot nots around the desk - a wash in water makes em sticky again.
CD from the Cutie Pai girls.
We also had singer KAT come over too.
Foxkeh likes his new poo mat. Dont have any pets at home yet and we'll probably go for a dog first but have always wondered whether even trained pets occasionally poo or pee at home on the carpet? I can imagine - you drop some chocolate on the floor and pick it up to eat - only to nab a hardened chunk of dog poo. Could taste better than chocolate though.
All the other bits n pieces collected. Includes a preview booklet by Remo at White Wall Studios - will speak more about some of his work in a later post.
Japanorama came along too - picked out this postcard from the stash that he was handing out.
Folks from Akiba Kei came along too and brought some Wotagei Dancers to spice up the evening.
More Firefox bag filled with more goodies?!
And the CJ Night posters - large ones are A1 and the smaller ones are A2. Focal have a huge printer that they use to print posters for their shop.
The folks from Sansai Books where there too - they publish Moetan. Managed to steal this most awesome Moe Satellite illustration book from Frankie at Hobby Media.
More pics from this book in a separate post.
And the pile of business cards I still need to go through.
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