CJ Night Tokyo

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2009/01/28 09:19 JST in Japan
Back in September, I organized a gathering of bloggers, YouTubers, and folks in IT and related industries (media and creative) at the Wieden and Kennedy Tokyo offices. The intent of the gathering is for a room of like minded folks to share and network with each other which would lead to new opportunities and general harmony.
The next gathering date has been set for the 6th of Feb (Friday) and this time I have partnered with a fellow Britannian Andrew Shuttleworth to organize the next event.
The focus of the meeting has changed a bit too - The event will be called "CJ Night Tokyo". The event will be a gathering of the leaders in CGM (Consumer Generated Media) - bloggers, YouTubers, Social Networkers and folks who like to share. The event will also be attended by IT folks from the top Internet companies in Tokyo including Amazon, Microsoft and Google. And then there will be folks from related industries such as media and design.
Just like all meetings and events, there is always a focus and unfortunately Andrew and I are keeping the event exclusively for folks who fit the above description.
The aim of the event stays the same - for like minded people to network and blossom harmonious relationships and opportunities.
Will send out mail to all previous attendees for the 6th. If you beleive that you fit the description of the type of folk who are attending and would like to participate then please contact me though my linked in.
Kevin Cooney - the third most subscribed YouTuber in Japan. Claytonian who also writes for Japan Probe in the background.
Other big names on the invitee list are:-
-Gen Kanai (Top Marketing guy at Mozilla/Internet blogger)
-Andrew at iKnow (CEO iKnow - Language learning engine)
-Jean Snow (Japan Culture and Arts/ Co-writer Arcade Mania)
-Matt Alt (Writer Yokai Attack)
-Kotobukiya (Figures)
-Dwango (NicoNico)
-Andrew Lee (Kodansha/Writer/Art Director)
-Aki Takanori (Good Smile Company CEO)
-Japan Probe (Japan News)
-Akihabara News (Tech News)
-Pink Tentacle (Japan News)
-Kirai (Life in Japan)
-Tokyo Times (Life in Japan)
-Neil Duckett (Life in Japan)
-Emily (Model, Actress and Japans top subscribed YouTuber)
-Gimme A Break Man (YouTuber - Japan Top 10 Subscribed)
-FatBlueMan (YouTuber)
-Fuminori Kizaki (Director of Afro Samurai, Animation Director of Blue Gender, Character Designer of Galaxy Railways, Key Animation for Macross Pluss OAV)
-Takashi Okazaki (Original creator art/manga of Afro Samurai)
-Hiroya Iijima (Afro Samurai Character Design/Animation Director, Black Cat Animation Director, Gantz Key Animation, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society movie Key Animation
-Hobby Stock (Figures)
-J-List (Stuff from Japan)
Also on the invite list are folks from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Kotobukiya.
There's many many more but cant remember everybody. The next event will be more organized and I will have a url list of all attendees.
Was interesting to see most folks turn at at the beginning rather than trickle in - probably a good idea as it guarantees the best food ^^;
YouTuber Tkyosam.
iknow.co.jp CEO Andrew.
Michael from CScout Japan.
Load of beers.
And this is Andrew Shuttleworth - a networker who focuses on bringing talented people together.
John Fu - Google Marketing.
Peter Payne J-List CEO.
James Hollow - Alien Eye CEO.
A few rounds of Paper Scissors n Stone to win some Good Smile Company figures.
The guy in the right corner gets the 1/8 scale Hatsune Miku.
Yuko Matsunaga from Wieden and Kennedy.
A load more goodies that the folks from Good Smile brought a long to hand out.
Andrew talks about the language learning engine at iKnow. If you are looking for a place to learn Japanese online then iKnow is the place to do it.
Yuko talks about their latest clients.
Neil Duckett and Ken Lee in the corner - forgive me for forgetting the other chaps name.
Other attendees that I can remember are:-
Trish Adams - Wieden and Kennedy.
An event is said to be approved if its attended by Gen Kanai.
Matt Romaine - CEO of Majides. First met Matt when I was consulting for Columbia Japan.
Matthew Skyrm - American Otaku. Former Yahoo, currently Sony Japan.
Nobi Hayashi - celebrity Internet and Tech blogger.
Drikin - developer for a game console that many of you have in your house.
Hector Garcia - Chief Technologist Mirai Inc.
Danny Choo - Former waiter at Benihana, Website Manager at Amazon, CGM Product Manager at Microsoft, current CEO Mirai Inc and owner of dannychoo.com.