CJ Night Taiwan 2012 Winter

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Was in Taiwan for a wee bit last week. T'was our first time over there and had a great time. I always knew that anime culture was a big thing in Taiwan but didn't know how big it was until I saw it with my own optical eyes. What I also didn't know was how many readers I had in Taiwan. I thought that maybe a handful of readers may come along to Culture Japan Night and was surprised that 110 people signed up!

The first photo taken on 2012/1/14 with folks who stayed until the end - I'll take the group photos at the beginning next time!

CJ Night Taiwan was held at the Good Smile Tetsujin Cafe which recently opened right outside Taipei station where there are a load of other Japanese stores. This time round the cafe had a Mado Magi theme. Inside the cafe are a load of figures on display and they were also on sale too.

How many of you can read this sign?

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Some of these photos taken from Angus and Sanyu.
More coverage of the event below.

We only had one video and audio output which we used to show Culture Japan season 2 so didn't get a chance to indulge in some Street Fighter shenanigans like last time in Singapore. However we did get round to do dolly play and a load of folks brought along their lovely daughters.

Thanks again to everybody who came and please forgive me for keeping you waiting as I wanted to get a chance to speak to everybody. Look forward to seeing you again at CJ Night Taiwan 2012 Summer and at the official Culture Japan booth at Fancy Frontier this July!

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How many of you have been to a CJ Night and which one did you attend?

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And its off to the next location with Yuki and a few others - coverage coming up!