CJ Night Singapore 2012

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2012/11/14 01:47 JST in Anime Events

Had another incredible gathering at Culture Japan Night Singapore 2012 - over the course of 6 hours, 419 comrades came to network with the anime industry and local guests who included...

  • Kamiyama Kenji (Director of 009 RE:CYBORG, Eden of the East, Ghost in the Shell SAC)
  • Ishii Tomohiko (Producer of 009 RE:CYBORG, Eden of the East, Ghost in the Shell SAC, Howl's Moving Castle)
  • Fukuoka Toshihiro of Ascii Media Works (Toradora, Railgun, Oreimo) and producer of Hatsune Miku hologram concerts
  • Shawn Chin - the AFA Maker!
  • CEO of Nitroplus Digitaro (Steins Gate, Fate Zero, Madoka Magica)
  • CEO of Good Smile Company Takanori Aki
  • Project Planning and Production Manager of Good Smile Company Mr Oda P
  • Singapores most well known blogger Mr Brown
  • Doujin circle Collateral Damage Studios
  • Doll circle Yukino Fujiwara

Other events that we had were cosplay, decoration master figure display by Good Smile Company and Moekana Tournaments.
Thank you all for coming! If you are in any of these photos then annotate yourself!

This group photo taken with some of the comrades who stayed until the end - the full sized version now lives on Flickr.

Ah, quick note to mention that my next gathering will be at Jurong Regional Library on Saturday November 17th in Singapore - 444 people have already registered ^^;;

Also, apologies for lack of updates - not much sleep lately - the AFA2012 schedule was gruelling (but fun!) and I was on stage for most of the time. Those of you who keep an eye on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram will have been keeping up with my updates though - most of it has been posted from my phone while on the move.

Thanks to Reiji, Solomon and Donny for taking photos!

With the boss of Good Smile Company, Nitroplus and GSC's top project leader.