CJ Night Penang 2012 Winter Registrations Open

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2013/01/04 08:49 JST in Japanese Pop Culture

2013/01/04 Update - we have 821 people registered so far!

After a most incredible CJ Night Kuala Lumpur, we decided to do one in Penang! And Touch n Go will be there with more TnG designs that you see in this photo! And yes - the star on the Malaysian flag is wrong in this photo but the printed version will be fixed. They will be RM20 and only 1000pcs available - will also have the previous 4 designs too. No limit on the number that you can buy.

Will also bring some of the T-shirts and carry cases that were sold at Comic Fiesta.

If you got Moekana T-shirt then come along in it!

If you want to sell your non-ecchi doujin stuff then leave a comment - will prep a table for you for free - I dont need % of your sales either.

Details below.

  • Date: Saturday January 5th 2013
  • Time: 1PM - 6PM - come and leave anytime.
  • Venue: St. Jo's at Gurney Paragon
  • Address: Persiaran Gurney, Georgetown, 10250 Pulau Pinang
  • Google Map: http://ow.ly/govRN
  • Entrance Fee: RM0 - we managed to get the venue for free! If I dont need to pay for the venue then I dont charge you. I only charge entrance when I need to pay for the venue.
  • As with previous events, we have undercover police to make sure that trolls are dragged out by the goolies and to make sure that everybody has a fun time on the night.
  • Changing room for cosplayers available.
  • There will be tables to display your daughters - bring them along!
  • No smoking, no alcohol, farting ok as long as its the odor level does not go above Ninja.
  • Please keep an eye on your belongings!
  • If you got a pack of Moekana - bring it along!
  • Please use the hash tag #culturejapan
  • Once you have registered then just turn up on the day!
  • Bring a name card with you if you plan on networking - all the reasons why you should name a name card anyway are covered in this post.
  • If you are a designer and interested in working for me, please bring printed portfolio. If you are a programmer then bring a sample of what you have built on a laptop.

And this is the venue which is organised for us by the Penang Tourism Board! I'm driving up to Penang with my staff. If you are free over the weekend but are not from Penang then come and join us! Cosplay, Moekana, networking and I will give a talk about what I've been up to of late. And yes - the event is indoors ^^;

There is no food but when the event is finished we can all go together to the hawker center on Gurney Drive for om nom nom - you pay for your own food though ^^;
See you on Saturday 5th!