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Firefighting anime action title Chinka - originally started off as an April Fools but as production of the PV progressed, the fictitious anime production company "Mirai Fusion" actually became an anime character advertising agency and we are now working with the real production company "Hibuse" to make Chinka into a fully fledged anime title - and yes Mirai-chan will be in it playing the character outlined on the official HP.
The previous April Fools projects "Mirai-chan Dakimakura cover" and "Mirai-chan Figma" have both become a reality and now Chinka will be made into a reality too ^o^
At the beginning of 2008, some folks in the industry got together at a yakiniku restaurant in Roppongi and started to talk about an original story over dinner - Chinka was born and the group to work the story "Hibuse" was formed.
By June 2008, the character design was finalized and the illustration you see of the four girls by the fire engine Downpour Dragon was complete. Hibuse proceeded to initially release Chinka as a doujinshi but what with the busy schedules of the members main line of work, project Chinka grounded to a halt and the original members of Hibuse completely forgotten about the project.
At the end of February 2010, while going through comments on, I spotted a member with a most sweet avatar - t'was Chinka. I clicked on the members site to be greeted with the artwork of the four characters. I loved the character design/artwork and promptly contacted Inoue-san (site owner) to learn how he wanted to get the Chinka project off the ground but he needed some ideas and assistance as to how to go about doing it. Also learned that I previously met him when I was working for Microsoft - the project we was working on at the time lead to me meeting Azami Yuko which as you all know lead to the birth of Mirai Suenaga.
Was only a few weeks to go before April Fools 2010. I suggested to have a fictitious anime production company "Mirai Fusion" to produce a PV in time for the 1st of April. Mirai-chan would somehow be in the PV. Inoue-san came back and suggested that Mirai-chan not only be in the PV but also in the anime working as a maid in the cafe near the Mizuneko headquarters.
BTW, the illustration above on the right is of Chinka-chan spraying water on Mirai and the one on the left is of Mirai after she has slipped and fell - about to cry^^;
The first announcement I made of Chinka was April Fools preparations. The intense schedule and hard work by the production team was fueled through the passion that everybody had for the project and as we worked on getting out the PV and what with the worldwide interest, it only made sense that we further invest our time and resources to bring Chinka out as a full anime title.
Folks who worked on the PV include Masahiko Komino (小美野雅彦). He was the supervisor for the Chinka PV and previously worked on titles such as Baka to Test, Macross Frontier, Saki, Hayate, Kannnagi, Sekirei, Strike Witches and more.
Junichi Higashi (東潤一) managed the art direction and some of his previous titles include Seitokai no Ichizon, Sekirei, Witchblade, Queens Blade, Sora no Woto and his work also goes back to 1985 on Zeta Gundam.
Yota Tsuruoka (鶴岡陽太) managed the sound and he previously worked on titles such as Haruhi, Lucky Star, Clannad, Idol Master Xenoglossia and Last Exile.
Motion sketches was managed by Frontline who have produced titles such as Death Note, Welcome to the NHK, Ninomiya-kun, King Gainer, Gurren Lagann and Devil May Cry.
The voice actress in the PV is Sato Satomi (佐藤聡美) - she does the voice of Chinka, Megumi and Shoka! Her previous work includes being the voice actress for Ritsu Tainaka from K-ON!
Satomi talks about her role in Chinka which she posted to her blog today. Cant wait to meet up with her again!
There are a load of obstacles to overcome before Chinka gets made into a full feature anime but what I always say is "No Obstacle, No life" - life would be boring without obstacles. Hibuse and I will be working on overcoming those obstacles and release Chinka as soon as we can and wish for your continued support.
Keep your eye on the official HP, official Twitter and official blog for more updates on the Chinka. And of course there will be many updates here on DC which will involve you too in this exciting project. I want to bring all of you as close to anime production as possible.
And before I forget, we still do plan to have some animation cells for you to paint in - chosen artwork will be used in the anime and you will have your name in the credits. If you want to get a foot in the door of the anime industry then this will be a great opportunity. Will let you know when the contest opens.
Leaving you with the full staff list who worked on the PV. Check out the official site for a nicer looking layout ^^;

キャスト (CAST)

Chinka by : Satomi Sato
Shoka by : Satomi Sato
Megumi by : Satomi Sato
Title Call by : Satomi Sato

PV制作スタッフ (PV production STAFF)

* 企画・原案:HIBUSE
Design, Original idea by: HIBUSE
* 原作・監督・脚本:HIBUSE
original work, direction, screenplay by: HIBUSE
* キャラクター原案:桑原美咲
Characters created by: Misaki Kuwahara
* プロデューサー:平賀大介
Producer: Daisuke Hiraga
* キャラクターデザイン・総作画監督:桑原美咲
Character design, chief animator: Misaki Kuwahara
* アニメーション監修:小美野雅彦
Supervised by: Masahiko Komino
* 原画:EYE、UNK
Original sketches by: EYE、UNK
* カラーデザイン:篠原愛子(スタジオ・イースター)
Color design by: Aiko Shinohara (STUDIO EASTER)
* 美術監督:東潤一(スタジオ・イースター)
Art direction by: Junichi Higashi(STUDIO EASTER)
* 撮影監督:中村昌樹(スタジオ・イースター)
Cinematography by: Masaki Nakamura(STUDIO EASTER)
* 音響監督:鶴岡陽太
Sound by: Yota Tsuruoka
* 音楽:田中よしあき
Music by: Yoshiaki Tanaka
* ロゴデザイン:大原大次郎
Logo design by: Daijiro Ohara
*動画 : フロントライン
Motion sketches by:FRONT LINE
* 制作進行:熱田久良
Production management by: Kura Atsuta
* 特別協力:ダニー・チュー / みらいちゃん (MIRAI FUSION)
Special cooperation from: Danny Choo / Mirai-chan (MIRAI FUSION)
* 制作:HIBUSE/みずねこ消防団
Produced by: HIBUSE / Mizuneko fire brigade
And a special thanks for all your support and interest which helped us make the decision to bring this out as a fully fledged anime title!\&threadid=530390\&id=1488\&id=1488\_estudio\_mirai\_fusion\_anuncia\_anime/\&id=a4babace84e753\&c=ag483c097237c1b\_204828/\_Le\_premier\_anime\_de\_Danny\_Choo-931626-11.html\&showtopic=71906\&st=0\&showtopic=71906\&st=0\&p=2433738\&#entry2433738\_choo\_anime/\_photo\_display/m-4838339b6710c/blog\_no-m/photo-4bb20d32d1c77\&page=186\_1.shtml\&page=e\&fpage=1\&goto=lastpost\&goto=lastpost\_chinka-le-premier-teaser\_creation\&\&jump=true\_chinka.html\&table=ani\_info\&main=ani\_and\_Animation/Animation/Titles/