Chinka PV

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2010/04/01 09:20 JST in Mascot

Here it is - the PV for our first anime title Chinka. Tis only 30 seconds but should be enough to give you a feeling of the show - firefighting action! If you didn't notice Mirai-chan sitting in the Downpour Dragon then look again ^^;

Also pleased to announce that just like Black Rock Shooter, Chinka will also be distributed for free. The up n coming Chinka OVA will be initially distributed in the iPhone magazine application Tokyo Kawaii Magazine which I talked about the other day.
Weekly Ascii made the announcement earlier on today.

Also pleased to announce that Ascii Media Works have given me my own monthly column in Tokyo Kawaii Magazine starting from May - or April if I get time ^^;
Download the app and give it a whirl - 99 cents for each monthly edition and there is a free version too. Will generally be writing about coolsome stuff in Tokyo covering everything from fashion to Japanese pop culture.

Also thrilled to announced that the seiyuu is Satomi Sato - the lady who does the voice of Ritsu from K-ON! In the PV she actually does the voices of all our Mizuneko girls ^^

Quick round up of the Chinka coverage so far across the globe.

All posts about Chinka live here and you can keep up to date with more at the official page and the official Twitter.

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