Chinka OVA

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2010/08/24 22:51 JST in Anime

First photo taken from either the July Megami Magazine or Animage - I forget which one ^^;

Folks who have just recently started to read the site may not know about the anime title Chinka that I'm working on with production house Hibuse. Pretty much everything you need to know is summed up in this post.

As a reminder, the following folks worked on the PV which we released this April 1st ^^;
Masahiko Komino (小美野雅彦). He was the supervisor for the Chinka PV and previously worked on titles such as Baka to Test, Macross Frontier, Saki, Hayate, Kannnagi, Sekirei, Strike Witches and more.

Junichi Higashi (東潤一) managed the art direction and some of his previous titles include Seitokai no Ichizon, Sekirei, Witchblade, Queens Blade, Sora no Woto and his work also goes back to 1985 on Zeta Gundam.

Yota Tsuruoka (鶴岡陽太) managed the sound and he previously worked on titles such as Haruhi, Lucky Star, Clannad, Idol Master Xenoglossia and Last Exile.

Motion sketches was managed by Frontline who have produced titles such as Death Note, Welcome to the NHK, Ninomiya-kun, King Gainer, Gurren Lagann and Devil May Cry.

The voice actress in the PV is Sato Satomi (佐藤聡美) - she does the voice of Chinka, Megumi and Shoka! Her previous work includes being the voice actress for Ritsu Tainaka from K-ON!

And here is the other photo taken from either July Megami Magazine or Animage ^^; Both articles just give the story a going over and announce that Chinka will be an OVA.

Cant talk much about who, what, when and how right now but I can tell you that we will have something to announce next year - these anime thingies take ages to produce!