Chinka Illustrations

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2010/03/28 21:35 JST in Mascot

A few more illustrations that I stole from my team at Mirai Fusion ^^; For those who don't know - read the news about my first anime project Chinka.

The first illustration is the background used in the PV. Mikoto and Mirai-chan ride the Downpour Dragon.

This is the town of Kiyotaki where the story is based.

Rough sketch of the Downpour Dragon.

Downpor Dragon with a bit more details.

Color settings for Downpour.

Back illustration of our Mizuneko girls.

Quick thanks to the following blogs who have picked up on Chinka! If you have writted an article about Chinka then lemme know the URL and we will post it on the official page when its up.

For now you can follow the Official Twitter account and check out the blog.