Carnival Phantasm

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2011/09/21 00:37 JST in Good Smile Company

Was filming 2 episodes worth of Culture Japan Season 2 at the Good Smile Cafe. After the Madoka theme, the cafe this time round gets the Carnival Phantasm treatment with the Fate girlies looking sooooo cute! ><

Rewinding the clock back to this morning - prepping camera equipment for today's shoot.

Setting up at the Good Smile Cafe. Folks who want to nom nom while being surrounded by lovely figure girlies, get off at Matsudo station and follow these directions.

My current setup for a studio shoot is the HXR-NX70J for the main camera, HDR-CX700V for the wide shot, two LED 5400K lights and two wireless pin mics. I've run out of hardware budget for the 2nd season so will wait until season 3 to get a sound mixer.

When I need a camera and sound engineer, I would reach out to my network to see who is available. Chiyoda Video is just one of the TV production companies that I work with. Chiyoda-san brought along their CRT monitor to check the color settings. I need a field monitor but they cost a bomb - cant wait for season 3 for more production budget!

My first production camera is the HXR-NX70J. Will talk about this machine in a separate post.

Setting White Balance.

Decided to go for something compact as a second camera and chose the CX700 - I was initially thinking of using this as my main production camera ^^;

Going over today's schedule.

Love the style of Carnival Phantasm - the girls are just so sweet!

For one of the cuts we do a SMAP SMAP parody ^^

My new Libec tripod. I initially thought I could get away with a 3000 yen tripod but found out the hard way after footage turned out terrible. Will talk about this chap in a separate post too.

Rin so cute!

Sabers botty asking to be smacked.

Good Smile prepped food for readers - who I forgot to invite ^^; I usually invite folks to filming on my Twitter - keep your mince pies on it if you want to join in on filming shenanigans.

Claris Nendoroid Puchi are so cute too!

Gorgeous Makise scale figure up for grabs soon.

The best part of the job - eating while filming.

Figma Mirai gets some air time too.

Today's script.

Comrades from Ascii Media Works (the Mikunopolis folks) join us for the shenanigans.

Our guests for the two episodes are Mikatan and the General manager of Good Smile Akiyama-san.

Group shot with today's crew.

Back to base for further meetings with Tokyo MX TV to go over the first few episodes of Season 2.

Please forgive me for the lack of updates of late - the second season of Culture Japan is pretty much eating up all of my time and I've taken on the job of Producer and editing too. Season 2 Episode 1 starts to broadcast in Japan on October 1st at 22:30.

The opening anime is nearly complete and cant wait to show you. While JC staff are doing the animated parts of Mirai-chan, I'm doing the rest in-house with Pinakes which is actually most of the work.

Apart from Culture Japan TV stuff, I'm working on the final samples of Mirai's Health Mouse Pad, migration of all our sites over to Amazon EC2 and launching a new website for an eroge maker.

Will update you more again as I hope to get the latest installation of A Week in Tokyo up.

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