C73 Figures

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2008/01/04 16:40 JST in Misc
A look at some of the figures at the Comike. First up is this gorgeous figure of Haruka from the eroge Beat Blades Haruka.
This figure was hidden at the back of a booth at the time and not on display - the macro lens does come in handy at times ^^; More details about this figure when I get them.
She looks well sculpted and painted but its probably a pre-production model.
School days nice boat sample set.
Some WitchBlade stuff. Priced at about 5000 yen but the quality seemed lacking.
Masane figure.
At the GoodSmile booth was this figure - not sure what her name is ^^;
Yummy Max Factory Feena. Want.
And the rest are the adorable MamaChapp Toy dolls.
Not for retaila nd are all made to order.
Unfortunately they only make them in batches and if you miss a run then you have to wait until they decide to make another batch.
I keep an open eye on the official blog to see when they are taking orders next.
These are the neko ear ones I want - I want the one in black but the production run ended way before I discovered their existence. Hope they announce another run.