C73 Enterprise

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2008/01/02 17:21 JST in Misc
Arrived at the press queue to find hardly anyone there and didn't expect to be registered and done by opening time at 10AM.
The press queue at the summer Comike however was huge and took nearly an hour to get processed.
Some dakimakura photos in this article which I didn't sort into the previous post properly ^^;;;
This was taken just outside the Panasonic showroom - the queues stretched this far back.
Taken just before they let the hordes in. Many circle members started to shout "Kuru zo!" or "here they come!" referring to the stampede of people who the comike staff were *trying* to control.
The ones who are already in are the folks selling stuff.
Met up with Azamiyuko-sensei where we discussed plans for Mirai-chan next year.
The rest of the photos are mostly from the enterprise booths - didn't really spend time in the doujin area as there was nothing that I really wanted. I realized that I haven't even read what I got at the last comike which is just sitting on the shelf.
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