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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2011/12/01 14:37 JST in Smart Doll


We can refund you in full as long as you contact us anytime before your item has been shipped.
If you decide to cancel after your product is shipped then you need to cover the costs of the item to be sent back to us and do so within 14 days.
If the item is in the same condition as it was when we shipped it then we shall refund you in full.
Why are we proactive in refunds? Because Mirai and Kizuna are lovely girls who need care - frankly we don't want them in the hands of folks who are not going to care about them.


Smart Doll was designed to be sturdy and won't break in normal conditions. Limbs can however break under extreme conditions (falling on the knee on concrete etc). If this happens, just contact me with a photo of the injury to asses if you can remedy the problem yourself - if not I will replace the part for free but you pay for the shipping which is usually cheap because parts can be sent in an EMS envelope.
This warranty lasts for 1 year or up to 2 limb injuries - whichever comes first. If you break something after a year then contact me anyway. While I can't promise to replace something for free, I don't want to see my girls going around with injuries ^^
Do note this warranty only covers limbs and not the torso, bust or head as they do not contain moving parts.
This warranty also covers Smart Dolls purchased from our official retailers.


To get hold of your Mirai or Kizuna Smart Doll, all you need to do is fill out the reservation form below and you will be sent a link straight away to the online store which also has all the apparel items and accessories. As soon as you place your order, we will ship between 5 - 10 business days.

Smart Dolls are priced at 60,000 JPY. If you are worried about getting a beating from your husband or wife (or kids) about buying a 60,000 JPY doll then you can request at the time of ordering for us to declare a lower price on the package.

Before buying you should read my Design Philosophy section before purchasing - our Smart Dolls are all hand made in Japan - not machine made overseas. If you expect shiny products then please avoid purchasing.

If you live in the Middle East, Taiwan, Thailand or Hong Kong then you may want to contact one of our retailers to pick up locally. You can still order directly from us though.