POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2010/08/16 21:26 JST in Japanese Pop Culture
Bushiroad - the TCG company. We first saw a load of their goodies in the Trading Card Game post back in December and then gave away some juicy exclusives in Feb.
Today we sneak into their offices to see what goodies are lying around and whether we can sneak anything into our pockets.
The Bushiroad HQ is located in Higashi Nakano - one stop away from Nakano Broadway. The company was established by Takaaki Kidani-san in 2007 where the business focuses on TCG (Trading Card Games) and character goods licensing.
Bushiroad also do a load of radio featuring a load of anime seiyuu - they had a floor full of recording studios which were soundproof padded - the silence inside was ear popping.
Bushiroad have a load of series for their TCG's including WeiƟ Schwarz, ChaosTCG, Victory Spark and more.
I first met the folks from Bushi Road at the AFA 09. After day 1 we got together to have dindins where Good Smile and Cospa were also present. Since then we've been meeting up from time to time but have not really worked on anything together up until just recently.
B Gata H Kei - Yamada was a cutie but not my kinda girl ^^;
Half way sneaking around I got caught and was dragged into a meeting room where they had a few 2D girlie mags to read before the big boss came along.
A load of shikishi signed by anime seiyuu. Can you recognize any of these?
Some badges being made for Comike.
I remember making badges from kitchen wrap when I was a teenager.
Me only have one badge at the moment which is stuck on my travelling bag - one with a cute Mikeo girlie.
A few of the Milky Homes girls in here. Do you like em milky?
A few snaps of the recording studios that I was talking about earlier on.
One of the floors where a load of marketing, project planning, PR and product development goes on. Love offices like these where folks are surrounded by their fave character goods. I don't think I could concentrate on work without any characters around me - a plain boring desk would kill my imagination ^^; Whats your workplace like? Is it surrounded by your hobby stuff or?
Alrighty, I've still got photos from the Hobby Japan and Hobby Search offices to share so I'll leave you to wonder around the rest of the Bushiroad building. If you have any requests for Bushiroad then just drop em in the comments.
In the meantime you can check out their English site and blog.