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Was invited along with a load of other game industry folks to a press conference held by a company called ImageEpoch. They've made a few game titles in the past and today they announced that they will be releasing a ton of titles under their JRPG brand including the "Black Rock Shooter The Game" which will be due out on the PSP next Summer. And before I continue, see the trailer revealed at the press event below.

GSC Boss and producer of Black Rock Shooter Aki Takanori came along to talk about the game which is set in the year 2032. Earth has been invaded by a load of baddies and their "Mecha."
Earths final hope are the BRS...

There will be two versions of the PSP game. The standard version at 6279 yen and special edition at 10479 yen.
The Special edition will include a load of illustrations by Huke, a White version of "Black Rock Shooter", something called "Black Rock Shooter Artworks" and a limited edition soundtrack.

A few screensnaps of the trailer.

A load of industry folks came along and also bumped into the big boss of Nitroplus and Bushiroad.
The second collaboration with Nitroplus is Sonicomi which our mascot character Mirai Suenaga will appear in. Bushiroad and I will be delivering something very soon ^o^

Today's event took place at Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall.

Some soothing music to keep the folks entertained before the event.

Press folks pointing their hardware.

This is Ryoei Mikage-san (御影 良衛). At 29, he currently is the CEO of Imageepoch leading the JRPG division to release more and more game titles.

Ryoei shows some stats on how many original RPG games are being released each year showing a general decline. Not that there are that many titles anyway.

Ryoei's company owns 30% share of the new RPG title market.

Japanese RPG games are known to get a bashing from folks outside of Japan which is noted in the last bit of this slide. JRPG = Japanese Role Playing Game.
The only RPG that I've really played is the first Furai no Shiren on the GameBoy. Learned a load of Japanese from that game.
These days however, I prefer games where I can shoot or kick somebody within a few seconds from starting the game ^^; Games like Bayonetta, Street Fighter or Axelay.

What do you think about Japanese RPG's? Which ones have you played?

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We are left with a teaser illustration with a "we cant talk about it yet but dig this cool illustration."

The JRPG roadmap which includes a Type-Moon project that will last 3 years.

Going to leave you with the rest of the photos as I need to dash to do some narration for this weeks Culture Japan ^^;

Goodies for the guests including a Black Rock Shooter The Game T-Shirt.