Bhinneka X Mirai Suenaga

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2014/10/07 14:26 JST in Mascot

On the scale of, Bhinneka - one of Indonesia's largest (if not *the* largest) E-commerce websites has chosen our mascot Mirai Suenaga to be the ambassador for some of the Japanese products that they carry. Mirai is Future!

The intro page features illustrations by our resident illustrator Ikkyuu-sensei and designed by our Creative Director Linus Lim.

Mirai introduces product lines such as Computers & Peripherals, Toys n Collectibles...

...Musical Instruments and Photography too. More products and product lines to come.

Some blurb about Mirai - for folks who don't know who she is then head to
Illustration by Shirahane Nao (DMYO-sensei)

Bhinneka will be carrying Mirai Suenaga items for our Indonesian comrades starting with our Japanese learning cards Moekana and Moekanji.
Folks in Indonesia can get them from Bhinneka now and cost 216,000 Rupiah for Moekanji and 162,000 Rupiah for Moekana Second Edition - both discounted at 10% and free shipping domestically in Indonesia if you order both at the same time.

For folks who are not beknowist, Moekana is a deck of cards which changes the way we learn Japanese - starting with Hiragana and katakana. Check out find out more about Moekana and where to buy if you dont live in Indonesia.

As with Moekana, Moekanji is another collaboration with Good Smile Company. Moekanji however teaches you first grade Kanji and makes it easier to learn Japanese the fun way.

Check out find out more about Moekanji and where to buy if you dont live in Indonesia.

Mirai has been doing more high profile work lately including being the official mascot for Japan Tourism and Malaysia Tourism too. If you have leads to involve her in your neck of the woods then let me know!