Best Japan Blog

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2009/07/21 09:06 JST in Japan

Not sure what this all about but it was picked up by Forbes so I guess its good ^^; was voted "Best Japan Blog" and I thought it would be a good opportunity for you to share what other Japan blogs you visit - Japan blogs as in slice-o-life and news sites and *not* pr0n sites ^^;

I remember a time when I was in danger of turning into an overly ecchi site and thanks to your feedback, I've been cleaning up the ecchi stuff quite a bit which is why you may be stumbling across dead urls to previous ecchi content.

If you spot overly ecchi content *written by me* on the site that you think should be deleted then please highlight it for me. Writing about Japanese subculture however means that covering some ecchi content is unavoidable - I just need to be conscious of how its presented and written.

Since I've been cleaning up, I've managed to get profiled by CNN, BBC, G4TV, Nikon, Google (will announce that later today), and be invited to various spots around the world to give presentations to corporate types and also speak at institutions. I don't think I would have had these opportunities if I ran what could have turned out into a pr0n site.

Speaking of which, my New York Times and Business Week interviews are taking ages to get published ^^;

Photo taken from my Hakone photo article.