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Took these photos when filming for Culture Japan TV last Summer but didn't get the chance to upload until now ^^;
@ Home is one of the more popular maid cafes in Akibahara. They got two branches which always have queues of folks waiting to om nom while being treated like a master.

First we need to go and grab our press passes. We always ask extra for Saber too.

Today we are going to visit the Don Quixote branch of At Home Cafe. Get off at Akihabara station and just walk along Chuo Dori.
東京都千代田区外神田4-3-3 ドン・キホーテ秋葉原店5F

Saber likes to ride shoulder.

When you get to the 5th floor, you will see a queue of folks lining up and a load of maids inside running about.

Please make a line from this bored.

Cutie 2D maid.

All tables that we saw at the Donki branch are counters where the maids will power up your food n play games with you. I think they had another room with standard tables but didn't check.

More customers getting their food powered up.

Some maids charging up their powers.


Some of the maids sing too and you can pick up their CDs when paying the bill.

Back outside filming the intro. You can see some of what we filmed in the 1 hour digest below at the 09:50 mark.

Load of cute maids everywhere!

Saber joins me for food.

Flicking through the menu. Everything looks good!

Quick chat with the viewers before continuing.

First up is a beverage. When maids bring any food item along, they would always make it taste better by providing a power up. This usually involves the customer playing along with the maid as she asked you to say things like "Nyan Nyan" and "Moe Moe Kyuuuun!"
If you think you would find it difficult to play along then don't go!

Have you been to any of the maid cafes in Japan and if so which ones?

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This Poll is now expired

Saber approves.

Time for the main dish. The maid explains the egg as being a little chicklet and asks if she can cut it open @.@
And before I forget, Dans joined us for filming and took some of these photos.

Our maid asks what I'd like her to paint on my omelette. I ask what customers normally ask her and she said things like dogs n cats so I asked her to draw Saber instead ^^;


But I'm not allowed to eat until its been powered up.

This is the bit where shes building up energy - a bit like how Ryu does in Ninja Gaiden.

As you can see - it looks much better after a power up.

Saber-chan! Kawa......ii.....




Bumped into reader NagatoPyon at the cafe.

Vandalizing a shoe that I found lying around.

Time for dessert!

Hmmm. Doesn't look tasty. Wonder why...

Power up time.

Aha! Now it looks tastier than ever.

Mustn't forget to feed the daughter.

Checking out the contraptions near the exit.

You can also have photos with some of the maids too. They charge extra for this service and only allow the photo to be taken on their Polaroid though.

You can also pick up some moe cookies too.

On the way out, one can find these small towels in another shop.

Akihabara train station towel. Who wants one?

You can also pick up some pants in a gatcha too.

Snap outside with NagatoPyon.

Bump into a few more readers.

And then bumped into another reader (Adun?) at the next filming location which was the Volks Store.
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