Asobit City

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2008/02/16 23:42 JST in Gundam

Asobit City is a chain of hobby related stores owned by the Laox group.
There are three Asobit City stores in Akiba - one is Asobit Game, the Asobit Hobby is near Akihabara station and today we are going to spend some time in Asobit Chara City - the store that specializes in character goods.

I usually start off on the 2nd floor where all the Gundam stuff is.

Still have not picked Unicorn Gundam up and wont be until I finish my MG Wing Gundam which is only half finished ^^;

Did anybody get Lancelot? The quality seems a bit crappy.

Stack O Gundam goodies.

Mustn't forgot about the Seed girls.

Geass case for the DS.

HCM Pro stuff.

Case O Gundams.

Wall O Gundams

Was just thinking that its been 4 years since the last PG (Strike Gundam) ...

On the 3rd floor of Asobit Chara you will find all the tokusatsu stuff - Kamen Rider, Ultraman, Sentai series etc.

Case O Ultraman.

Case O Kamen Rider.

Case O Dance Troopers.

The 4th floor is my fave - full O female figurines.

Theres a corner on the 4th floor full of Haruhi stuff - love Mikuru-chan on this jigsaw.

Nendoroid Haruhi.

Figumate Haruhi.

Haruhi dolls.

Looks like the rumor was true and that Tsuruya-san is the most unpopular out of the Haruhi bunch?

Potemayo - never watched. Recommended?

Tora Dora girls.

Shunya Yamashita Petra.

Figma case. Want that Haruhi but don't want the game.

Geass girls.

Dacapo girls.

ToHeart girls.

More ToHeart girlies.

Shining Wind Girlies and Belldandy in the Kotobukiya case.

More stacks of figures.

Case O Nendoroid.

More more stacks O figures.

On the 5th floor of Asobit Chara you will find all the doll related stuff. This Saber is so sweet. Oh and they have cosplay stuff too.

They also have quite a few eroge too.

Eroge mags - thicker than a MacBook Air.

Evening wear.

If you need something scary to put in front of your house to scare cats, pigeons and small children then you can find lots of stuff on the 5th floor.

For folks who want to dress up as a maid/kitten hybrid.

Would look great in the office.

Google has beanbags and wax lamps in their office - Mirai Inc will have dolls and figures ^^;

Oh what large eyes you have.

Fancy some pantsu?

Or how about a set of eyes?

Present for your little nephew?

You know, I bet some folks buy these to stick in their underwear.

Boots. You know I bet some people buy these to stick on their.....


Back on the first floor where you will find games related to character series and some other accessories.

Case O Moetans.

Case O good (right) and bad (that Q-Joy stuff on the left).