Asian Film Awards 2010

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2010/03/22 03:22 JST in Travel

At the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center to see everything being set up for the Asian Film Awards that are taking place tomorrow on the 22nd March - or should I say "Today" as its early in the morning right now ToT

CEO of Focal Computing Francis-san was also invited along to blog about the event that is being produced by the DotAsia Organization.

The DotAsia folks came to pick all three of us up (Francis, Saber and myself) and brought us to the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center. Learned that this is where England handed back Hong Kong over to China many moons ago. Tis also the place where AniCom is held. This years AniCom will be in July and I want to come back for that.

Landed myself an Ironman briefcase so will be mingling with actors, actresses and directors from all over the world asking them to use me in their up n coming movie as a person being shot in the background or something ^^;

Free WiFi will be provided at the venue so will be tweeting and posting stuff to my tsubuyaku which you can also follow using my tsubuyaku RSS feed. Alternatively you can also follow my twitter for updates.
The official has hashtag is - you may see other celebs tweeting with that hash too ^^;

And this is where all the ceremonies take place. Some videos to get you in the mood - a trailer for the event below.

And a press event for the awards below.

Some footage of last years red carpet.

After looking around the event hall we headed off for some dindins and talked about how DotAsia and could work together on some cool stuff this year.

OK - me going to go beddy byes as I'm slowly fading away. Will leave you to walk around and enjoy the rest of the backstage tour ^^