Ascii Media Works

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2011/04/27 19:37 JST in Japanese Pop Culture
Ascii Media Works - the folks who recently bought us Oreimo and a load of other anime titles. They publish a ton of magazines n books in Japan are are part of Kadokawa group. We've already taken a look at the Ascii offices down on one of the lower floors and today we get to look at the goodies on the 5th floor - they got a load of their publications in a large meeting area displayed with a load of merchandise too.
This is comrade Yukina-san who I work with on Tokyo Kawaii Magazine. First met the folks from Ascii when they invited me to be on their radio channel early last year. Have been working with them on various projects since then - one of which will be revealed at Anime Expo 2011 and the other project is a book which I need to announce soon.
Oreimo goodies - wonder if they noticed that it all went missing when I left ^^;
Cute girls everywhere who let me take their photos.
How many of you watching Astarotte no Omocha? Lotte is a cutie.
Another cutie Erio in Denpa Onna.
Nogizaka Haruka has lovely eyes.
Edible merchandise - Oreimo Soba.
More Ascii Media Works related figures.
Load of Toaru stuff.
Ikemens remind me that I still have not started work on the character design for our 4th mascot.
Pantsu malfunction in the background.
More malfunctioning. But malfunction can be good sometimes.
Dengeki Bunko light novel series.
How many of you playing the Oreimo/Index PSP games?
Dengeki as you have guessed by now is part of the group. They also got Dengeki Hime.
G's Festival is Ascii too.
Nice bottom.
Have not told Dengeki Hobby that I used to scan nearly every edition of their mag when I used to write more Gundam articles ^^;
Most of the goodies here come with the various publications.
iPad2 not out yet in Japan but book stores are already filled with iPad 2 user guides.
Too many cuties all over the place - Dengeki Maoh and Dengeki Daioh.
Light novels are big business over here - very often the bookshops have a stack of them at the entrance.
The Feng eroge Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi. Also now an anime title.
Artwork book featuring the works of Hinamatsuri Touko.
Guidebook for the Oreimo game.
You dont know Monster Hunter 3 until you have the master guide book.
Thicker than a telephone book!
How many of you caught any of the Princess Lover series in either Eroge, Anime or Ero OVA form?
Computing guides like these helped while studying PHP, Javascript and other programing languages. Where do you learn most of your coding from? Class, Books, Internets or combination?
Notice many of the bookshops got these separators with cute girlies on them to help customers make a buying decision.
The offices got the huge RX78 and Zak to play about with.
I love Nendoroid Popura and have been carrying her around with me everywhere of late. I want the Mirai-chan Nendoroid to have the same face. Oh wait what am I saying? ><
The joints on the hands are rather awesome.
Huge Danbooru.
More Japanese office tours listed up below.