POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2010/07/31 17:15 JST in Places to visit in Japan
Located in the North East of Tokyo is Asakusa - an area that has been a bustling town since the Edo period. Despite being pretty much flattened in the huge earthquake of 1923 and then again in the 1945 bombings, Asakusa went through a speedy recovery.
Today, Asakusa is a popular tourist spot with Sensoji temple and the many buildings in the area which are reminiscent from the Edo Period.
Had the pleasure of spending a day filming at Asakusa earlier this week - managed to work while treating the time as a day off - all expenses covered by the film crew ^^;
The most convenient way to get to Asakusa would be to get off at Asakusa station located on the Ginza and Asakusa line. Tis located very near to Akihabara and Ueno.
Asakusa is a great place to experience more of the traditional Japan without having to travel far away from Tokyo.
We arrived for filming at about 13:00 and spent some time at Sensoji temple. Then moved on to a retro toy store (which I will talk about later) and went for a dip in a public bath.
Finished off the evening with a visit to "Hoppi Doori" - a road named after a brand of beer where folks sit outdoors drinking and munching on some good food.
You may notice that this post is tagged with "Kira Kira" which is the name of a new TV show that I'm presenting on - got more related posts to get out the door so will leave you to wander around Asakusa while I get on with it.
BTW, photos were taken on the Lumix GF1 and Lumix LX3.