AnimeJapan 2014

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2014/04/27 14:40 JST in Anime Events

I'm late getting this out but here are the photos from AnimeJapan 2014 that took place last month at Tokyo Big Sight.
AnimeJapan is the largest international anime festival in Japan created with the merging of Tokyo International Anime Fair and Anime Contents Expo. With roughly 145 companies and 638 booths, the 2 day event attracted more than 110,000 visitors.

At the AnimeJapan entrance.

The halls were packed with folks all day long ><

First up is the Kadokawa booth heavily featuring Kancolle.

Magazine exclusive Kancolle goodies.

Key visual for the upcoming Kancolle Anime by Diomedea.

The glossy bag that Kadokawa was giving away.

1/1 scale Ingram from The Next Generation Patlabor movie.

How many of you are familiar with the original series?

Characters from Love Live. How many of you are following the second season?

Load of fans at Bandai Namco's Love Live corner featuring the girl's outfits.

Love Live Otonokizaka Academy's Idol Research Clubroom replica.

Couple of troopers spotted in the area.

The Goodsmile Company booth featuring a giant Rensouhou-chan.

1/8th scale Kancolle Yamato figure - will be released this autumn.

Kancolle Wo-class scale figure currently in development.

And more up n coming Kancolle figurines.

Nendoroid More: Torikaekko Face.

Fate/stay night Nendoroid Gilgamesh out this August.

Ghost in the Shell Motoko Kusanagi figma.

Girls from Girl Friend Beta - how many of you are familiar with these characters?

And also something for the ladies - Boy Friend Beta .

If you like zombies and girls in sailor uniforms then you may be interested in AKB's arcade game "Sailor Zombie AKB48 Arcade Edition".

Nitroplus with Super Sonico cosplayers.

Caption this image.

Knights of Sidonia on your watchlist?

Knights of Sidonia Shizuka Hoshijiro dakimakura by GATE.

Psycho-pass Shinya Kogami scale figure by Union Creative.

Life-size Hatsune Miku figure at Tokyo MX booth.

Hatsune Miku itasha.

Dentsu's Blade & Soul booth.

Char Auris at the Zeonic Toyota booth.

The Nihon Kogakuin booth featuring loads of artwork from their students.

Characters from Haikyu - now airing on MBS and TBS.

A really devoted fan of Kuroko no Basuke ^^;

Hakuoki daki by Gate.

Soul Eater Not! - now on air at TV Tokyo and more.

Fate/stay night remake by Ufotable due out in Autumn.

Visuals of Saber.

Life-size Saber figure.

The cosplay area - although folks usually line up one by one, cosplayers will sometime ask everyone to gather around and take photos all at once when the waiting line becomes way too long.

SAO Asuna cosplay.

Kancolle Shimakaze cosplay.


Cosplay rental corner - only 1000 yen per hour.

Madoka Magica Mami and Sayaka cosplay.

Sayaka and Madoka cosplay.

Evangelion cosplayers.

Haganai cosplayers.

Starchild booth.

Aniplex booth.

Sword Art Online 2 - out in July.

Madoka Magika doodles by Aoki Ume-sensei.

Homura Akemi Akuma Ver. scale figure - currently in production.

Log Horizon corner.

More doodles by illustrators and creators.

A-1 Picture message board.

Key animu goodies.

Arpeggio and Toaru T-shirts.

Fairy Tail Lucy cosplayer.

The Toei Animation booth.

Some booths even prepared something to lean on for tired folks.

Magica Wars game featuring moe-anthropomorphism of Japan's 47 prefectures.

Gatchaman Crowds goodies - who was your fave character?

Disc Wars Avengers - marvel heroes in anime style.