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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2009/10/28 21:40 JST in Mascot

The first run of merchandise will be the Cospa T-shirts. There will be two different designs which amount to four different variations of color.
The samples I'm wearing today are not final - few more color tweaks needed.

The first design is the work of illustrator KL which Cospa jumped at when they saw the illustration. KL has been great enough to let us use this design for a T-shirt and I'm commissioning her for more work in the future.
If you have any requests for poses or costumes for the Suenaga girls then let us know! Maybe have a look at the Mascot Page and choose an illustration from there - lemme know the image ID.

This is the second design by Azami Yuko.
The illustrations were chosen by Cospa and the designs done by their team. I signed off on the final designs and only asked them to tweak the fonts and remove the "" url.

These T-shirts should be available for order from the Japanese Cospa store this Friday.

Folks overseas will be able to get these T-shirts from trusted online dealers such as JList, HLJ, Toylet, AmiAmi and HobbySearch.

Folks in Japan can also additionally order from HobbyStock and Amazon Japan soon.

Not sure how much they will cost but will let you know once these retailers have em up for pre-order.

Also, Genesis Frontier will be selling a limited batch at the up n coming AFA 09 in Singapore.

Thought we'd take a look at this shirt that J-list sent us - their original Zettai Ryouiki T-shirt ^^;

Now available from J-List.

Back to the Cospa T-Shirts. Here is the white version. Personally not a fan of white and wonder which color you prefer. Cospa originally wanted to make an orange T-shirt.

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My fave design of the bunch featuring character design by Ayu and Azami Yuko.

The shoulder has the diamond d logo for the T-Shirt with the 3 girls on it.

Maid version laid out flat. Which design do you prefer?

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Close up view.

And this is the white version of the Maid Mirai.

Close up of the 3 girls version. The final version will be tweaked as bits of the design came out blotchy on the T-Shirt.

Have a gander at this chart - its the T-Shirt sizes that Cospa use. The samples I have are all S size as I have a fetish for tight T-Shirts ^^;
The units are in centimeters. If you like to measure your bits n pieces in inches then you can use a query like "65 centimeters in inches" in Google for the conversion result.

Let us know what size you prefer for the T-Shirts and up n coming gear like wind breakers, jackets, bullet proof vests and chain mail.

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There will be Dollfie sized T-shirts too ^^

Karin-chan kawaii ne.

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