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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2007/08/16 00:58 JST in Figure and Doll events

Next up is the other female figurines. This is Sakura Hime. Was out as a kit many moons ago and now it gets the PVC treatment by Yamato. I hope the quality doesn't end up like their Mine Blue.
BTW, Tokyo Hunter has uploaded his coverage.

Nice figure but the mouth is kinda dark ^^;

Illustration by the person who does Megachu. I prefer Fauna.

Whats her name from Queens Blade.

Great figure to have for when you run out of tooth picks.

What on earth is she doing and why?

This is known as "Hadaka ni Apron" (裸にエプロン) which is a common term meaning to wear only an apron in your birthday suit.

Nanaka Shirakawa. Nice pair of eyes but would prefer they made her with arms too.

Kokona. Another Shunya figure.

Got this on pre-order. Should be out any day now. Full cast off ^^;

A Bome kit - not sure what her name is.

As soon as I got back from the show, I canceled this pre-order. The paint work looked extremely suspect and her skin didn't look painted at all. Will wait for the reviews before I decide to buy.

Look at the stockings - looks dodgy to me. She looks a bit strange in this pose anyway as she is supposed to be holding onto a fence.

Doesnt look quite as cute as Natsumi in the anime.

"Name that figure."

Nadie from El Cazador. Did this anime get any better after the first few episodes?

I can see that this is going to be difficult to pre-order. Would love a Siesta figure though.

Leukothea。May need to get this.

I thought that I wanted to buy this but then I looked at the price and thought again - over 60000 yen.

Some scantly clad girl from Air Gear. That anime any good?

PaperMoon Dolls looking as cute as ever.