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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2010/07/08 18:00 JST in Japanese Pop Culture

Thank you to all the comrades who came to my second panel - t'was a load of fun!
If you attended the panel and are wondering where to annotate yourself for the Kidnemo BRS giveaway - check this post.
And as with all giveaways - will announce on my Twitter and Facebook.

Although you are still welcome to annotate yourself in this post too as there maybe better photos of yerself.

The security guards at the LACC should probably be given some Red Bull before they start work. The AX staff had been calling security to get them to open the doors. They wouldn't let folks in through the two small doors in case somebody farted - they needed more doors for folks to escape through.

Security finally came at 9 (when my panel was to begin) and when I questioned the head of security to see what we could have done to get them to open the doors *before* the event started, he said that it was the last day so they didn't need to open doors on time for anybody...

I saw security (not AX staff but LACC security staff) shouting at the attendees on occasion and was wondering if you had similar observations too. I want to make sure that attendees are treated properly and will do everything I can to protect the interests of the attendees.
People with authority abusing their power is just so old - they really need to find other ways of feeling good about themselves rather than bully others.
Did you experience unpleasant security staff at AX?

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At the panel we had a very brief chat about "6 months to live" and then watched some BRS footage together with some Culture:Japan. At the end, we all took a group shot together which was a load of fun!

I understand that the May'n x Nakajima concert ended really late and that many folks just caught the end of my first panel. For those who missed it, RaharuSH filmed most of my talk.

I talk about how I came to work in Japan in the creative industries field. I also talk about all the part time jobs that involve Japanese which helped me get to my destination in Japan. Keep an eye on all the yellow jigsaw pieces that you see on certain slides - they have been key to building my life.

Seeing as this post is entitled "Anime Expo Videos", I thought I'd bung in some more footage of AX too.

Thanks again to all who came along and I truly thank you deeply for your continued support! Got a load of other AX posts to catch up on so will leave you to enjoy the rest of the photos.

And a gorgeous gift from Annie Hill. Got more art work too which I will post later.