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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2012/03/20 15:51 JST in Japanese Pop Culture
Culture Japan Season 2 was broadcast in Japan on Tokyo MX TV during anime time - after Dacapo and before Working!! it was also broadcast in America on Mnet. Now its due to be broadcast in Asia - but not without being screened.
This post highlights "problematic" areas which I have been asked to remove do to broadcasting regulations in Asia - specifically Malaysia and Singapore. I just wanted to let you know beforehand why the Asian broadcast will have Mirai marks all over it and that it wasn't my intentional doing ^^;
Anyhow - the first "problematic" scene is this - apparently Mirai-chan's left "pupil" is showing. We are replacing this 8 seconds with something completely new though.
You can see the whole OP below.
I'll leave the actual quotes below each screenshot - for this one it was "Shape of nipple visible on girl’s left breast" (All episodes)

Episode 2

"Amiami poster of 2 girls in scanty bikini wear"
"Poster of scantily-clad Soniko in loose kimono clothing at left corner of screen"
"Poster of girl with loosened yellow bikini top almost exposing her breasts"
"Poster of girl with exposed panties just behind Danny Choo in photo"
"Figurine of Arsene in scanty clothing (in Good Smile ad)" (All Episodes)

Episode 3

"Close ups of scantily-clad Arsene figurine and talk about her voluptuous figure and bust"
Just thought I'd include this because this is something they approved - but how is that different from all the other bikini shots that they didn't approve?

Episode 4

"Almost nude poster of Mirai at front of table"
"Autograph on almost nude poster of Mirai"
"Almost nude poster of Mirai on right side of screen in the background"

Episode 5

"Danny and Mimori looking at poster of Sunico (poster next to it has a scantily-dressed pink-haired character)"

Episode 10

"Pictures of scantily-clad/almost-nude Mirai on boxes on left side of screen"
"Picture of almost-nude Mirai on pillow on the sofa"
"Picture of almost-nude Mirai on pillow on the sofa and on boxes behind Danny"
"Girl in very scanty bikini on Sonicomi cover"
"Mirai mouse pad with wrist cushion that are her boobs"

Episode 11

"Man flipping illustrations of scantily clad girls in sexy poses (esp the ones girl in red outfit)"
That "Red outfit" ^^;
All of this is the works of CDS who are not safe for Malaysian or Singaporean TV it seems ^^;
"Danny showing scantily clad Mirai"

Episode 13

"Scantily-clad Mirai picture on pillow"
"Scantily-clad Mirai picture on pillow and close up of almost nude figurine"
"Scantily-clad Mirai picture on pillow and Mirai mousepad (intermittent scenes)"
I'm beginning to think - even if we can officially get anime and merchandise distribution to your neck of the woods at about the same timing as Japan, regulations in other countries will still mean that folks would want the original stuff.
A Japanese figure maker mentioned that they would have to make the strands of hair on figures blunt if they wanted to release figures officially in certain countries due to regulations.
How about manga - been given over the cleansing in your neck of the woods? I know that in Singapore they do this before printing but in Malaysia they do the censoring *after* the printing - with a marker pen ^^;
Anyway, if you would rather watch Culture japan Season 2 without the edits, then you may want to see what somebody accidentally uploaded to the Internets...