Ando Lloyd

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Ando Lloyd ~A.I. knows LOVE ?~ 安堂ロイド~A.I. knows LOVE ?~] is a sci-fi action drama produced by TBS. It is directed by Hatano Takafumi , Kimura Hisashi together with Tsuboi Toshio and written by Nishiogi Yumie .

Ando Lloyd has already started its run but last Sunday was only episode 2 so you can still catch up with it from your regular sources (TV recording or "long lost friends" house etc).

The story starts with Matsushima Reiji - a famous physics professor who receives a list of homicide cases which mentions the name of the victims along with the time and place of death. On the list is his and his fianceé's name (Asahi) showing that they are next in line to be killed.

Reiji does indeed end up being killed and next on the target list is his fianceé but a mysterious guy named Lloyd who looks exactly like Reiji suddenly appears before her - he tells her that his mission to protect and prevent her from dying...

Main Characters

Visit the official site to view more details about the characters.

Check out the PV above. If the video has been eaten, try this search query on YouTube.

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I've mentioned it a few times but thought I'd start introducing more Japanese drama's as not only are they entertaining to watch - they are also an invaluable way to start learning or compliment your current Japanese learning menu.

I love Japanese anime but much of the dialog is not really used in daily Japanese - you could get into trouble using it depending on what you say and who you say it to!

In anime you see fictional locations and simplified forms of real life locations - but in drama you get to see actual locations for what they are and learn more about Japan at the same time.

In the How Discovering Japan Changed My Life post, I talk about how I used Japanese drama's to complement my Japanese learning diet. I felt it was important to learn Japanese from various sources and not just anime.

If you have not done so already, do try checking out a few drama's - you will be surprised at how fast you can start to pick up the lingo.

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