Amano Ai Photos

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2007/08/28 19:18 JST in Japanese Idols

Amano Ai released her first DVD and there were 2 launch events in Akihabara last weekend which Frankie and I attended.
And yes - this picture is in the wallpaper pool ^^

Images in this post are mixed with photos taken by Frankie and I.

Folks interested in her DVD can get it on #''#B000RSK0IM,天野あい,Amazon#''# or J-List.

The neko pose was as popular as ever.

Was the first time that I was invited along to an idol event as press. Press folks get to spend as long as they want taking photos when the crowd has left.

This was taken at Yamagiwa. Was the first time I went to an idol satsueikai at Yamagiwa and don't really recommend it. The lighting is terrible and the stage looks kinda battered.

Ai-chan in her Alice gear. Kawaii.

Just happened to be wearing armor on the day.

Amano Ai wannabe stormtrooper.

Taken at Ishimaru - this is the venue I usually choose for idol DVD launch events - you can see previous events somewhere here.

The atmosphere at Ishimaru is generally more lively too. If you are interested in going to an event, have a look at the Ishimaru schedule and click on the links to see a photo of the idol and decide from there.
Do remember that you need to buy at least one DVD to take photos of the idol. By two DVDs and you get to have a photo with her, by three DVDs and you get a smack in the face.

Back stage with Ai-chan.