Amano Ai

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2009/09/07 11:20 JST in Japanese Idols

First photo taken back in Summer 2007 at one of her idol photo shoots - photos in the Amano Ai Photos article.

With Ai-chan backstage after one of her shoots. Ai-chan also does a load of photography herself. She took the photos of me that were published in La Repubblica XL and filmed the Caramell Dance Trooper below.

Folks who attend Tokyo CGM Night will often see her too.

Ai-chan was recently on the popular day time Tamori show and showed off some of her otaku collection.

Ai-chan has been collaborating with comrades at Appliya to bring you a photo app called Pixel Love available from the App store.

The last time I saw Ai-chan was at the Tokyo Figure Show where she gave me a prezzie - her latest gravure DVD.

Its been ages since I done an Idol post and thought it would be a good idea to work with Ai-chan to do a giveaway. Should I be covering more Idol stuff? If so, which idols are you interested in? Have always wanted to do a shoot of Kitamura Hitomi.

The giveaway booty up for grabs is a signed Amano Ai DVD. You will get a signed DVD in your name and if the winner sends in a photo of him/herself then Ai-chan will do a wee doodle of you too!

Cant think of a good question so took something from my Hokkaido folder. All you have to do is guess the time that this photo was taken.
The clock on my Lumix is about 10 mins faster than the clock you see here on Sapporo station.

You must also guess the seconds too and answer like:-

Even if you get the answer correct but dont answer in the above format then your guess does not count.
You have *two* guesses and have until Wednesday JST to guess. Clues?:-

  • Thief
  • Golf
  • Convenient
  • Dot Dot
  • Dollfie Daughters Long Hair
  • Convenient

Damn, those clues were probably a bit too generous.

Arms Installation is complete - good luck!

And what ever did happen to Axelay 2?