Alodia Japan

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2014/05/02 20:47 JST in Japanese Pop Culture

While doing spring cleaning of the site today, I stumbled across this post which I prepared a while ago but forgot to publish ToT
The lovely Alodia pops over for a visit to the office with her mum and my man Steve.

I ask Alodia if she would join our Culture Japan team to work on Smart Doll and she said yes!

But then she found a load of ecchi stuff on my Mac and then said no ><

But she did like the Mirai oppai mousepad.

She said she needed it to support her wrist so I let her have it ^^; I did give her a new one and not my grimy one ><


Alodia's phone cover.

Some cakes from Cozy Corner.

Chit chats about this n that and a little bit of that.

A few snaps with the Itasha.

Kidnapping Alodia for a while - hope thats OK.