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ALDNOAH.ZERO is an upcoming original mecha anime created by Urobuchi Gen (Fate/Zero, Gargantia) and directed by Aoki Ei (Fate/Zero, Ga-Rei-Zero). It will be produced by A-1 Pictures (Sword Art Online, Valkyria Chronicles) and TROYCA.

ALDNOAH.ZERO will begin airing July 5th 24:00 JST.

Main Characters

Check out the official character profiles on the ALDNOAH.ZERO website.



If the videos get eaten, try this search query.

The OP will be heavenly blue by Kalafina, which will be released August 6th. The ED will be A/Z performed by SawanoHiroyuki:mizuki which is scheduled for release September 10th.

Main visuals from the official website.

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