Akihabara Shops 6

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I think its that time of the month again where we visit the holy land - Akihabara! Filled with figures, doujinshi, anime, manga, maid cafes, dolls, computers, mobile goodies and more - all of this available just by getting off at Akihabara station.

Today we start off with a huge wall featuring Iizuki Tasuku-sensei's latest title Lovely Cation 2. Wallpapers and more by Iizuki Tasuku-sensei lives here.

The main street that runs through Akihabara - Chuo-Dori.

Perfect souvenir for your teacher or boss.

Cospa T-shirts.

More useful-cant-get-rid-of stuff.

K-ON cushion covers - which you take?

Fate Zero goodies.

How many of you read the K-ON! Manga too?

Even figures need to go.

GoPro rival ADIXXION. One thing I dislike about my GoPro is that if you dont use it for a while, you forget all the button combinations. At least the ADIXXION has a decent amount of buttons on it.
See a comparison review below.

Prices of TV's here not that fantastic. If you are buying electronics in Japan then always look on Kakaku.com first. You can find a 32" Toshiba Regza for 32480 yen.

How many of you upgraded to Windows 8?

This Poll is now expired

If you have just moved to Japan, you will need a load of kitchen electronics - let the staff know that you are going to buy a ton from them but that you require a discount - only usually works this way if you buy a load of stuff from them in one go.

My lord has been looking for me...

I better stop dancing and get back to work.

My Gunpla skills acquired over the years are being put to use in a different way.

Vocaloid merchandise.

How many of you are into Senran Kagura - either the anime or game or both?

A load of electronics can be found in Akihabara...

...as well as a load of robot stuff like on the 2nd floor of this branch of Tsukumo.

Fancy a kebab as I write this ><

The new location of the Kotobukiya store.

At the retro game store Super Potato.

A load of cuties!

Gorgeous artwork by Barnia600-sensei.

Dont forget to explore the backstreets of Akihabara that trail off from Chuo Dori.

Do not make ball shape objects from your poo or pee.

1/1 scale...

Eroge galore.

Become a maid for 200 yen.

And here is the place that I always go to eat at - Negishi! Its right here.

And this is what a Negishi meal looks like.

Prices displayed here is what they are paying to buy them from you.

More showcase figures.

No need to feel ronery anymore as you can pick up a bride like this lovely Sena anytime.

The girls in Lovesick Puppies are really cute ><

If you like your dogs black then you can find them in Akhabara.

Vocaloid UFO Catcher.

We get parts for our Smart Doll right here in Akihabara. You can find resistors, servo motors, LEDs and more.

You are being watched.

Mirai Nendoroid enjoying the sights of Akihabara.

Cuties cuties everywhere!

Nanoha as strong as ever.
A short clip of Magical lyrical Nanoha The Movie A's 2nd below.

Gatcha everywhere in Akihabara.

The health goods corner.

A load of eroge releases in the months of March and April.

Together with the AFA team!

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