Akihabara Shops 5

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Its that time of the month where we take our regular look at the latest and greatest from the center of the Earth - Akihabara! This place is packed to the brim with anime, manga, figures, dolls, doujinshi, eroge, electronics, maids - everything otaku and more and all you need to do is get off at Akihabara station on the JR Yamanote line to experience it all.

All previous installments of Akihabara Shops is tagged "akihabarashops" and listed up below.

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AKB48 girls - cute enough to eat but you would most certainly be arrested if you tried. The next thing you can do is eat their food at the AKB48 cafe.

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Anime Carabiners by Cospa.

Akihabara is the place where you can easily pick up a bride with no questions asked. Which one of these do you take to be your bride?

The lovely ladies from Girls Und Panzer.

Figures - Max Factory, Alter, Good Smile Company, Kotobukiya, Orchid Seed, Alphamax, Megahouse, Daiki and more.

I dont have any of the Beech Queens figures in my collection and I dont see many of my readers with them either - any of you have?

The robots have landed.

Something to tie your headphone wires around. Me looking for a new pair of in-ear headphones with a cord that does not get tangled up - recommendations?

Many stores in Akihabara sell Gatcha like this - they cost a wee bit more but unlike Gatcha - you know what you are going to get.

The Oh My Goddess ladies.

You Wa Shock.

Dont forget that Akiba has a load of hardware for your computing and digital life too.

For you anisong fans out there - King Blade Max.

More brides await you in Akibhabara.

Miku and Tohou Pantsu in a convenient Gatcha form.

For those who have always wanted to carry their poo around - but didn't want to deal with the stains in the pocket - realistic plastic poo at 100 per dollop.

Lots of cosplay gear at Akihabara too.

How many of you are in the book Otacool 3?

Tracing pallet - looks like its USB powered.

Elevators are awesome in Japan.

Health drinks.

Finally picked up an android tablet and chose the Nexus 7. What Android tablets have you been using?

The next Yuzusoft game Amairo Islenaughts - I'm working on some of the production as we speak.

In Akihabara, many of the magazines are tied up or shrink-wrapped but local bookshops are usually not bound up like this.

The educational software corner otherwise known as Eroge.

Cute girlies everywhere.

Eroge reservations.

Sleeve protectors for your card games - they also fit Moekana. But if you want something more fitting for your moekana then here it is.

Ultimate Madoka - photo review here.

The girls from Love Live - have you been watching?

I have a few shikishi lying around but will prob put up in the new office.

Dotted around Tokyo you can find kebab vans like this one - tastes good but difficult to eat as it goes all over the place. Am used to eating them sitting down back in the UK.

The beer festival "Oktoberfest in Akihabara" - I dont drink at all though ><

Akibaoo - they sell a load of gadgets in particular from Taiwan and China. They play Chinese music in the shop too ^^

Ghibli corner.

Ikemen corner. Currently in the Kotobukiya shop.

Ironman 3 out next month in Japan - Japanese trailer below. Must see!

Figure cases are quite popular of late but I kinda prefer mine out in the open.

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Now Kotobukiya have Alien chopsticks.

Load of light novels. How many of you read em and if so where do you get them?

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The boys x boys corner.

The trap corner.