Akihabara Shops 4

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2013/02/08 20:07 JST in Places to visit in Japan

Here is the latest instalment of Akihabara Shops where we take a look at the inside of some of the popular stores to see what the latest trends are in the otaku and anime world.
To get to Akihabara, all you need to do is to get off at Akihabara station on the JR Yamanote line and get off at the Electric Town exit.

All previous installments of Akihabara Shops is tagged "akihabarashops" and listed up below.

And all previous Akihabara related photos are listed up below.

This is the Electric Town exit at Akihabara. If it does not look like this when you get out then it means you are on the wrong side - that other side has the Gundam and AKB48 Cafe.

Yodobashi Camera Akihabara - the one stop for all your electronic and otaku needs - drop by if you dont have a lot of time on your hands to go around. Tis located at the map below.

METAL GEAR RISING - who's getting it?

Evangelion eye drops.

This shop has sold the most Tenga in the whole of Japan.

Sega Arcade Center - filled with not only games but UFO Catchers which have a load of exclusive figures. Have you managed to get anything decent from these machines?

In Akihabara you will also find food that is too cute to eat.

Taito Station Game Center - filled with more UFO Catcher goodies.

Dont forget to look down the back streets of Akihabara too.

How are you enjoying the series of Senran Kagura?

Moe-fied wine...

...and Moe-fied snacks.

Trader3 - the used game and DVD store located on the map below.

In any one of these places, a maid, cutie girls or school girls will give you a massage or do mimikaki (ear cleaning) for you...
I personally would suggest that you spend the money on some 2D material which will keep you company at home instead.

Stairs in Japan are cooler.

Cute girls everywhere in Akihabara!

New title from Koku-sensei - Hapymaher due out Feb 28th. Girls very cute and very ecchi.

128GB SSD's for 11980 yen. Hows does that compare to your neck of the woods? I swapped out old HDD's for SSD's and the difference is astounding - feels like completely new machines!

Sofmap Akihabara - cute girl overload of both 2D and 3D variety ^^

A load of up n coming eroge including Lovely Cation 2 by Iizuki Tasuku-sensei.

Another stop for your doujin needs - Comic Zin.

And thats it for today - next one either next week or the week after ^o^