Akihabara Shops 15

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Its that time of the month again where we take a lookie around the holy land - Akihabara - the one stop for all your electronic and anime/manga needs.
Today's post includes photos taken at Super Potato, K-Books, Spin Gear, Trio, Kotobukiya, Radio Center, Dospara, Sofmap, Sega Game Center, Melonbooks, Comic Zin, Mandarake, Akibaoo, Animate and Yodobashi.
Mirai was with me too but she went off to look for more electronic parts for the Automatic version of Smart Doll.
First up is Super Potato located on the street adjacent to the Chuo Dori. The store is dedicated to retro games and consoles from all eras - annotate ones which you are familiar with.
I got a whole separate photo post on Super Potato which lives here.
Game cartridge for Nintendo's Famicom (Family Computer) console.
How many of you are Rockman ninja's?
Sega's Mega Drive games - Super Shinobi was one of my first games for the system.
Nintendo 64 oldies - Custom Robo 64, Super Mario 64, Biohazard 2, Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask etc.
The Super Famicom section.
The original Puyo Puyo series.
Fantasy RPG games - Romancing Saga, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, Ogre Battle, Star Ocean.
I prefer the action/platform/shoot-em-up genre though.
The original Game Boy cartridges.
I managed to dig up my old Game Boy the other day and was wondering how I managed to see anything on the 4-shades-of-gray screen ^^;
The MSX computer game corner.
Games in the original packaging cost a wee bit more.
Cyborg 009, Yatterman, Goemon etc.
While the 3rd and 4th floor is comprised of retro games and consoles, the 5th floor has retro arcade machines and snacks from the Showa era.
On one of the backstreets of Akihabara - make sure you walk down the smaller alleys to find gems.
The latest Hyouka manga from Comic Ace.
Knights of Sidonia's original manga series - how many of you are following the anime?
Manga magazines - Comic Gene, Comic Gum, Harta, Comic Flapper, Comic High and Manga Time.
Doujinshi galore - most shops sort by hiragana order by their title and character - if you dont know your hiragana order then you need Moekana ^^
Kancolle loli doujin.
Loads of high-end yoyo used for tournaments at Spin Gear.
Signed Idol cards up for grabs.
One Piece mini prize figures.
How many episodes of One Piece do you reckon you have watched?
Entrance of Kotobukiya's Akihabara Store now decorated by God Eater 2.
In Japan, most of the larger establishments will ask you to put your wet umbrella into these plastic sleeves when visiting on rainy days - this is to prevent the floor from getting soaked and also prevents merchandise from getting wet too.
When folks leave the shop they would throw the sleeve away in the bin provided. Where possible, I try to take a sleeve which has been used which is not much different from taking a new one. These sleeves are free by the way.
The K-ON girls looking as lovely as ever - especially Mio ><
Who is your fave?
Kyoani goodies.
Akihabara's Oppai Pudding - the rosebuds used to be pink a few years ago.
Nagisa Kaworu L-shape dakimakura - only available in Kotobukiya stores.
Alleyne 1/6 scale figure from Queens Blade by Orchidseed - one of my fave figures right now.
Knights of Sidonia Tsugumori plastic model kit.
If you like Taiyaki, then do try visiting the Kanda Daruma Taiyaki store located at the intersection of Chuo Dori and Kuramaehashi Dori.
Akihabara Radio Center has a load of electronic parts - if they don't have what you are looking for then just ask as some of the shop owners are kind enough to redirect you to another place that does.
Low and high-end oscilloscopes.
The Dospara computer hardware store has pretty much everything you need to build your own PC - motherboards, audio cards, fans, memory, computer cases, monitor accessories and more.
Audio cards for PC. I started off as being a PC otaku and would travel to Akihabara a lot - not only to get parts but to exchange parts which either had resource clashes or were just plain incompatible.
Various motherboards.
Madoka Magica ufo catcher nom prizes at Sega game center.
Hozuki no Reitetsu Kingyosou.
Watch Dogs for PS4 - looks good! I first need a PS4 though ^^; At the moment a large portion of the games seem to be "for PS3 and PS4."
Akihabara Melonbooks shop with the latest doujin and manga - for more detailed look inside the store, check out this post.
Kancolle becoming even more popular in the doujin industry.
Kongou desu!
One-eyed girls your cuppa tea? And if you prefer 3D one-eyed girls then here is a cuppa tea for you.
Hitsugi no Chaika on your watchlist?
Loads of dakimakura brides to take home at Mandarake 4th floor.
Mandarake's 2nd floor has a collection of dolls and often have Dollfies too.
If you like oily food then check out Kasugatei - they even have a mascot character called "Oil Princess..."
Eroge "Kareshi Inai-reki = Nenrei Jya Doushite Ikenainoyo!?" illustrated by INO-sensei who also drew our Mirai-chan.
Yakitori and Kushiage cooking machines.
Gundam Unicorn Episode 7 Bluray/DVD out on June 6th - how many of you are following the series?
Checking out the latest and greatest at Sofmap's eroge floor.
Second-hand latest eroge titles - if you missed out on the pre-order and want to save cash, then you may want to check out these corners.
Every inch of an eroge shop is optimized ^^
Shooting game Soreyuke Burunyanman Ecstasy - will be released on May 30th.
Is your fancy being tickled by any of these lovely ladies?
Cutie from the eroge Yakimochi Stream illustrated by Syroh-sensei - out on September 26th.
Rows of mini-figures, trading cards and snacks - few shops still have the original Moekana in stock.
Stacks of fresh new figures from Griffon Enterprise, Kotobukiya, Ques, Kaitendoh, Phat and more.
Gunpla galore.
Miss Monochrome dressed in Animate's uniform.
Traditional Engrish.
Recognize any of these light novels?
Mahouka-koukou no Rettousei - currently on air at Tokyo MX, MBS, AT-X and more.
Kancolle goodies.
K-themed ramen, fried-rice and curry. Upcoming movie soon.
Love Live! Minami Kotori notebook.
And more related goodies at Animate's Love Live Only Shop.
Yodobashi's camera/lens section. My current image armoury is the Sony RX100 II, NEX 5R and RX1. What camera are you using?
Camera gears for various terrains.
The entire corner dedicated to Sony's a7.
Emobile's portable wireless router (called Pocket WiFi).
Computer speakers from various manufacturers.
King Jim's Mirupasu used for managing ID and password for websites - hmmmm.
Pomera - another one of King Jim's office tools mainly used for taking notes.
Kancolle Battleship Yamato plastic model kit - although the box is decorated by the Kongou - the only thing in the box is the ship.
RPG Moero Chronicle - for folks who need to practice rubbing stuff.
Titan Fall for XBOX. Much difference between XBOX ONE and 360?
I only got Kinect games for my 360 right now.
Latest Megami Magazine, Newtype, Nyantype, Animage and Shonen Ace mags.
Date A Live Season 2 on your watchlist?
Kancolle Official Operation Archive - comes with huge B3 size poster.
These glasses supposedly protect your eyes from blue (wave length) light emitted from the screens on your video game or computer monitor.
Thermae Romae II starring Hiroshi Abe and Aya Ueto - how many of you catched the movie?
Illustration book "Kuroboshi Kouhaku Design Works" by Kuroboshi-sensei.
And more reference material for creative folks - Moe Visual Textbook and Sekaikan no Tsukurikata (How to create World Concept).
Official Kancolle comics and artbooks.
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