Akihabara Shops 14

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Its that time where we go walkies around the holy land - Akihabara in Tokyo!
Get off at Akihabara station on the JR Yamanote line to place yourself instantly in the center of Japanese Pop Culture.

Places visited today includes Radio Kaikan, Mulan, Kotobukiya, Sega, Sofmap, Akiba Cultures Zone, Animate, Toranoana, Gamers and other small otaku stores in the back alleyways.

First up is Mulan - the entire building is dedicated to new and second-hand otaku goodies.

Remember that "the accounts become every each floor."

Basement floor stocked with second hand prize figures - most of the ichiban kuji and game center variety.

Dakimakura brides mean no more ronery nights.

IDOLM@STER in traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e form - yay or nay?

If you looking for a rare figure then it may just be here.

Health care product by G Project - illustration by Takanae-sensei.

Eroge (Visual Novels) and more.

View of Chuo-dori from Radio Kaikan.

If you can't be bothered with buying an entire Nendoroid for certain parts (or you lost some) then you can opt for second-hand shops like these which have a load of Nendoroid accessories, face plates, hair parts and wot not.

Vocaloid Nendoroid puchis.

Azone's Picco Neemo brand.

Variety of wigs in all styles and colors.

An example of how ecchi figures are censored in Akihabara.

Anime billboards up above Gamers.

Akihabara by night outside Club Sega.

Hatsune Miku x CuteRody collaboration prizes.

Some doodles by Miku fans celebrating her 7th anniversary.

Peace Keeper "Daisy" 1/6th scale figure by Kotobukiya.

Asuna ALO ver. 1/8th scale figure by Alphamax.

Saber Lily 1/7th scale figure by Alphamax.

The revamped eroge corner at Sofmap - full of cuties.

Akiba Cultures Zone's dakimakura corner.

Miss Monochrome - The Animation. How many of you have watched it?

Its been a long Winter and is still chilly.

Huge Buddy Complex billboard outside Sofmap.

Gamers entrance.

Battleship Kongo ita-umbrella by Seasonal Plants.

Loads more Kancolle goodies at Kotobukiya on the 3rd floor.

Nendoroid Shimakaze - have you got yours yet?

Huge Shimakaze tapestry by Ensky.

Kancolle Rensouhou-chan figure by Aquamarine.

Kancolle trading rubber strap by Animate.

Kancolle 12.7cm Rensouhou prize plushie.

Kancolle Inazuma keyholders.

Kancolle Yudachi and Wo-class posters.

Date A Live Kurumi Tokisaki and Chinsuko-chan dakimakura.

Dakimakura cushions by A&J.

Do you prefer posters or tapestries?

This Poll is now expired

Senran Kagura bedsheet.

Eroge Sakigake Generation illustrated by Oshiki Hitoshi-sensei - will be released on May 30th by Clochette.

Illustration paperboards (called Shikishi) each signed by their sensei. How many of you keep boards like these in your collection?

Wake Up Girls! how many of you became a fan and which of the girls would you most like to wake up next to?

View of Chuo-dori and its ever-changing anime billboards.

A random doodle spotted at Sofmap's paint tablet area - as these tablets are free to try out, artsome folks would draw on the spot for others to see.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2. I used Windows many moons before switching to Mac. Been a Mac user for 10 years now.
These days I've lost touch of what Windows is doing and can't tell the difference between their desktop and tablet products anymore ^^;
Its like Windows is being branded as a tablet enabled OS but they have a separate tablet based OS? @.@

We do have Windows in the office through which we use for QA of the websites we build and some 3D work.

Astell & Kern AK120 for audiophiles.

How many of you are playing or thinking of getting PS4?

The old and new Hatsune Miku DTM software.

Stacks of the latest anime magazines - Newtype, Nyantype, Animedia and Magazine.

Fresh batch of new figurines.

And rows of nendoroids.

"Please buy me!!"

Evangelion themed paper holders.

Cutie from the eroge Jyukishi Cutie Bullet by Yuuki Hagure-sensei who also drew our Mirai-chan.

And as with many eroge, Jyukishi also comes with the loli's too.

Melonbooks - the one stop for educational magazines and books.

Eroge Clover Days by Alcot - out on March 28th.

Soul Eater Not! (Soul Eater spinoff) anime begins on April.

Monthly issue of Dengeki Maoh and Comic Alive.

Enjoyed Mahou Sensou?

Hozuki no Reitetsu corner at Animate. How many of you enjoyed it?

Senran Kagura Ikaruga figure by Chara-ani - comes with soft oppai that can come in handy.

SoniAni (Super Sonico The Animation) which aired on AT-X, Sun TV, Tokyo MX and more.

Cuties from the eroge Majokoi Nikki illustrated by Kira Inugami-sensei, Asakura Hayate-sensei and Kozakura Ryo-sensei. Will be released on April 25th.

Dakimakura covers from the previous Winter Comiket.

The Kotobukiya Akihabara store filled to the brim with latest anime goodies.

Ghibli goodies.

Ghibli Mononoke-hime Kodama charmstone balls.

Kotobukiya's Cu-poche series.

Meet Nipako-chan - the moe anthropomorphism of nippers...

Eroge Shuki Shuki Daishuki for loli fans - will be released in April 25th. Hmmm. Not sure if I should be posting this ^^ Ah silly me - these girls are all 20 years old.

Eroge Anoko wa Orekara Hanarenai for Vita - out on March 27th.

Caption this image.

Japanese traditional and animu masks.

Love Live itasha spotted outside Akiba Cultures Zone.

Mekakucityactors - begins airing in April 12th.

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