Akihabara Shops 13

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Its that time again to take a look at the latest and greatest trends in the holy land - Akihabara. But I'm a wee bit late posting this as these were taken before Christmas.
Today our visit includes Mandarake, Toranoana, Radio Kaikan, Kotobukiya, Sofmap, Tokyo Anime Center, Kimidore, Kanda Myojin Shrine, Animate and Comic Zin.
Akihabara looks great by day and night.
In Akihabara, you'll occasionally spot an itasha parked here and there. This one is plastered with girls from the eroge Hapymaher - illustrated by Koku-sensei who has also doodled our Mirai-chan.
Sofmap on Chuo Dori Street.
Cuties from the eroge Innocent Girl by Frontwing - out on February 28th.
Eroge players may want to pick up these mousepads that include wrist support systems to prevent wrist breakage - because if wrist broke then cant play eroge properly.
The ioPhone 5 looks interesting too.
At Akihabara Mandarake.
Doujin Dakimakura brides - these are usually second hand but are supposedly unopened - are you brave enough to find out?
Ita-telephone cards.
Anything here tickle your fancy?
Retro-loli manga.
Shonen Jump magazines - how many of you read these telephone book-thick manga?
Second hand dollfies waiting for adoption.
This 2nd hand DD Reimu up for 68250 yen.
Himekazura doll wigs.
Azone Sayaka and Madoka Hybrid Active Figures.
Optional body parts for Obitsu dolls.
Speaking of which - very large presence of Kancolle doujinshi of late.
Rensouhou-chan in the festive mood.
Sofmap eroge floor.
More cuties from eroge Koisuru Shoujo to Omoi no Kiseki - will be released on February 28th.
Sofmap eroge corner's otaku x-mas tree...
Some eroge shikishi - some of these come as pre-order exclusives.
If its your first time visiting Akihabara, you may want to stop by Akiba Info located at Akihabara UDX 2F where you'll find Akihabara tour maps and useful guidebooks to help you explore the area.
Folks can also look forward to seeing loads of anime related goodies at TAC.
Ita-glasses cases.
Oreimo wallscroll.
"Kimidore" - this store opened on December 7th and specializes in posters, wallscrolls and artbooks drawn by popular Japanese illustrators.
First floor filled with artbooks and magazines.
Illustration magazine Etsu.
The second floor focuses on posters and wallscrolls with loads of cuties.
You a Kantoku fan?
Visitors at Kimidore get these illustrated postcards for free.
Make sure you stop by at Negishi - my most fave yakiniku place.
Kanda Myojin Shrine - just a few minutes walk from Chuo-Dori. At the beginning of the year it looks like this.
Address as follows:
Motherboards and other parts for gaming PCs.
The Madobe sisters - Window's official mascot characters.
Checking out some Logicool mouse - I currently use Logitech M950 on the left which works on glass. Table needs to be slightly dusty though.
Loads of hand-warming USB powered items out during this time of year - dolphin no like cold hands.
Personal 3D printer by Scoovo up for 189000 yen.
HD Remaster Final Fantasy X & X2 for PS Vita - just released on December 26th.
More Bandai goodies.
Figures - Goodsmile Company, Max Factory, Kotobukiya, Megahouse, Alter and more.
Utagumi 575 for PS Vita - illustrated by Kanzaki Hiro-sensei who brought you Oreimo.
Sagawa Danshi Moe gacha prizes - apparently, some ikemen drivers working for Sagawa Express are quite popular among ladies these days.
Ever wanted to make a figure out of your comrades or family? - Bandai's Peller Model has you covered. Only 100 yen.
Trading card games - loads of them.
Artwork by Kikurage-sensei.
Loads of new upcoming titles at Comic Zin.
Ninja Slayer manga.
Young Ace magazine January edition featuring Kill la Kill.
Some reference materials.
IS ita-doorknob hangers.
Walkure Romanze anime - just ended on December.
Fresh new batch of Tankobon - a collection of serialized manga stories in book-form.
Hozuki no Reitetsu - anime begins on January 9th.
Angel Beats manga.
Kyoukai no Kanata manga - how many of you enjoyed the anime?
How many of you are familiar with Saint Young Men?
Monster Hunter Airou backpacks.
Rilakkumas also in the festive mood.
Kuroko no Basket goodies.
Cu-poche figurines.
World of Tanks and Girls und Panzer collaboration Christmas tree outside Hobby Tengoku.
Chuo-Dori at night.
Some illuminations spotted around Akihabara station - check out the Tokyo Illumination post for more LED spots around Tokyo.
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