Akihabara Shops 12

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Its that time of the month again - time to check out the latest n greatest in the holy land in this week's instalment of Akihabara Shops. Compared to last time however, the temperature has dropped quite a bit ><
Today we take a lookie at stores like Volks Hobby Tengoku, Sofmap, Akihabara Gashapon Kaikan, G-Tune : Garage, Akiba Culture Zone, Kotobukiya Store, Sega Game Center, Animate, Yodobashi, Lammtarra and other small stores situated in the back alleys.
First up is Volks Hobby Tengoku - a store filled with tons of Gunpla, dolls, figures and anime merchandice. Detailed coverage report lives here.
Custom Dollfie Dream DDH-05 in a wedding gown.
Another custom Dollfie Dream - the head mold for this one is DDH-06.
Dollfie Dream Asuna - released at the previous Dolpa.
Tons of optional body parts available for your Dollfie daughters.
If your Japanese can do with a bit more ninja juice then firstly you need the help of Moesensei.
Secondly, Hede-san can also help you out if you are looking for something particular too.
Mmmmmm - the smell of fresh new figures.
MG scale Wing Gundam Proto Zero (Endless Waltz).
This is what our first floor currently looks like too ><
Ichika Takatsuki 1/7th scale figure by Good Smile Company. How many of you are familiar with Ano Natsu?
Just about every anime character gets the Beach Queens treatment!
Mirai only managed a Figma and Nendoroid ><
But then again I guess she did skip the scale figure and went directly for the robot form ^^;
1/24 scale Itasha plastic model kit featuring Kongou Kai 2 from Kantai Collection.
Dakimakura brides - say goodbye to those ronery nights.
Which do you take to be your bride?
Sword Art Online mini-posters.
Nendoroid Mikoto Misaka by Goodsmile.
Grabbing another whiff of fresh new figures at Sofmap.
Anime trading card games (TCG).
And now moving onto Sofmap's educational software floor.
The ladies from Maou no Kuse ni Namaiki da! 2 covered in what seems to be shampoo.
Released by Luxury on October 25th.
Try not to step on the girls when walking.
More cuties from the eroge Koi ga Sakukoro Sakura doki out on April 25th, 2014.
Illustration by Tsubasu Izumi-sensei.
Imouto no Okage de Motesugite Yabai illustrated by Akane Ikegami-sensei - out on November 29th.
Eroge Magicalik Skyhigh by whirlpool. Out on December 20th, 2013.
Color contacts for cosplayers by Qualite.
New rice burger noms by Mos Burger.
Akihabara Gachapon Kaikan has loads of gachapon with a wide variety of goodies - some cute and some ecchi.
These ecchi gachapon figures - 500 yen each.
G-Tune Garage located in one of the back alleys of Akihabara specializes in gaming computers.
〒101-0021 東京都千代田区外神田 3-13-2
Jobs released in Japan on November 1st.
Cute tapestry spotted at Akiba Cultures Zone 2nd floor - illustration by karory-sensei.
Collectible Star Wars busts.
And now moving on to the Kotobukiya Store.
Durarara Izaya Orihara 1/8th scale figure by Alter.
More Beach Queens figures by Wave.
Kudryavka Noumi Beach Queens figure.
Lamp Miku figure by Alphamax.
Insane BRS figure by Goodsmile.
Super Sonico Koakuma Nurse ver figure by Orchid Seed.
Are you bored of your tissue box that you use every evening? If so then you need ita-tissue box covers.
Shiki Ryougi 1/8th scale figure by Kotobukiya.
Cu-poche figure series on display.
Dark Angel Olivia 1/8th scale figure from Shingeki no Bahamut.
Tales of Viva Matsuri event was held at Kotobukiya Store 5F featuring a load of artwork from the Tales Series. Events like these are held regularly at the store.
Sega Game Center - a must visit place for UFO catcher fans.
Snow Miku plushies.
Super Sonico plushies.
Bipedal walking robots on display at Tsukumo. If you love robots then check out the International Robot Exhibition post for more.
If you want your own then wait just a bit more till Summer 2014.
This ad here says you can become an idol for only 1000 yen per hour.
Used manga can be picked up for cheap - these are 50 yen each or 3 for 100 yen.
How many of you buy used manga or comic books? Or do you prefer new ones instead?
Colonel Sanders and parts of Akihabara are already in the festive mood.
For folks who need their soul looking into.
Huge Little Busters billboard spotted outside Sofmap.
Looks like an interesting pattern on the wall. Wonder what it could be?
Looks like a bowl of pears to me. If you disagree then go to Melonbooks to check it out.
Kadokawa's Comptiq magazine featuring Kantai Collection.
Speaking of moe battleships, how many of you are watching Arpeggio of Blue Steel this season?
Unbreakable Machine Doll light novels.
Infinite Stratos (IS) clear files.
Women's fashion magazine "Spoon" featuring Kyoukai no Kanata.
How many of you are playing God Eater 2? - released on November 14th.
Lammtarra - from the outside it looks like a DVD store but on the inside its a "DVD" store.
Striped lolita pantsu.
Of late, you can find products like these which are supposed to simulate the "scent" of school girls and otokonoko - these ones by Tamatoys.
Looks like shelves filled with some sort of sauce - I guess this would be comparable to the ketchup and mustard shelfs that you would find in a supermarket.
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