Akihabara Shopping

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2008/03/04 08:33 JST in A Week in Tokyo

My first memories of Japan were sunny afternoons walking around in Akihabara drinking some Calpis water while shopping for hardware - just like yesterday.

A display for the eroge ToHeart2 Another Days left over from a few nights ago.
The game went on sale at midnight and there were a load of eager otaku lining up in the cold.

The CGs for this game are quite nice ^^;

Idol Master L4U Live for you goes on sale. Trailer below. Namco-san > please release on PS3!

Get this PS3 and DMC4 bundle and get 20000 yen off when you apply for a Flets optic fiber internet connection.

Was playing DMC4 last night - am currently just starting to use Dante. Still prefer Nero. Catch me online with my PS3 id = dannychoodotcom. Below is just a taster of some of the action.

A load of figures up for pre-order.

A load of eroge up for pre-order.

A load of folk stare at the screen of the new Street Fighter being played upstairs.

Apart from all the otaku stuff, Akiba is a great place to go looking for PC parts, hardware etc. I originally started out my otaku career as a Pasokon Otaku.

Was out looking for some memory - this shop near At Home Cafe has the cheapest hard disks.

How about some Oden in a can? Oden is a mix of warm vegetables and other Japanese food items.

Yes they sell kit kat in cans too.

Folk looking up the price of hard disks and memory.

No littering, No walking-smoking, no stub littering. No.

The eva girls.

About 3PM. Akiba is a great place to be on a Sunday afternoon.

Something going on in the middle here outside Toranoana - photos tomorrow + ^^;

How about some Milf?

At the electrical department store Yodobashi Camera. You could probably spend all day in here - I think thats what Yodobashi wanted. They want you to spend time in the store rather than trek about Akihabara. The arrival of Yodobashi has indirectly cause many small shops to close down.

At the Mac corner. When in the Apple store, me usually set the screen to dannychoo.com and watch how people browse the site when they first see it - most click on "idols" in the header ^^;

Alas, the Macs at Yodobashi had filters so no userbility studies for me ^^;

A photo printing machine.

Stick in your memory cards, attach USB drives etc and print your idol photos. Stick in parts of your body in the machine and nothing will happen.

And this is what I brought back with me. Some ultra thin 1000 Base-tx LAN cables.

50 Mitsubishi DVD-R's for 1468 yen - seems pretty cheap to me. I remember the time when *ONE* of these cost the same ^^;
Cheap in your region too?

An SATA 200GB 7200RPM drive at 18400 yen for the MacBook. Forgot to buy an adapter that lets me copy from the MBP to an external 2.5" SATA drive. Going back Wednesday to Akiba for a GoodSmile figure event - will pick up that adapter when I'm there again.

The girl in this leaflet is Rui Kiriyama who you saw in yesterdays article - she was handing them out. Japan the only place where young girls hand out leaflets with pictures of themselves showing their nice eyes on them?

Two sticks of 2GB memory for the MacBook Pro. Was using 2GB up until now but running Windows on the machine at the same time was a bit slow. Parallels enables one to run OSX and Windows at the same time. I run Windows to do QA on IE6/7 and Firefox.

Never used a machine with more than 2GB before ^^;

How much memory do you have in your machine and what do you use your machine mainly for? Is your memory enough for what you need to do?
I'm mainly programming and use the odd graphic package now and then.