Akihabara Photos

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2009/12/11 09:01 JST in Misc
Cleaning up the mac and stumbled across these photos of Akihabara that I took at my Otacool signing session in October. Time flies! Better upload before the photos become too stale. Need to dash to the Good Smile offices in a mo so will let the photos do the talking again.
Not been to Akiba in ages and notice a lot of change. For a start, a load of familiar shops have closed down - some to be replaced by apparel shops. Asobit Chara City is being replaced by a jeans shop!
It can seem at times that the government wants to get rid of the otaku stuff from Akiba. Just like the way some folks think that 911 was a ploy by the government to get rid of the two towers, some folks here think that the Akiba stabbings was an excuse to close down the pedestrianized Sundays (Hokousha Tengoku) and get rid of otaku.
The station is under complete renovation and the Electric town exit seems pretty dead until you get up to the Radio Kaikan and Gamers.
Was looking at prices of apartments in the area. Prices started at around the 70000 yen mark for one room which isn't too bad.
BTW - http://blog.livedoor.jp/insidears/archives/51984165.html Akihabara 10 years ago compared to now. I remember sitting at that basket court in the evenings after a day of wandering around Akiba.
Need to dash now, will take pics of any goodies I find at GSC. Bringing a big bag with me ^^;