Akihabara Photo Walk

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2010/02/06 23:49 JST in Tokyo Photo Walk

Was in Akiba last night for a few appointments which I'll talk about later this week. Also managed to take some photos between meetings. I should visit Akihabara more often as its only 30 mins away from base.

When one asks "where are all the nice girls in Tokyo?" some folks may answer "Shibuya" or "Harajuku" but I always recommend Akihabara - absolutely packed with gorgeous 2D girls all over the place.

For example here...

...and here...

...and here.
How about your neck of the woods? Where are all the cute boys n girls?

You can even buy some of the girls to take home with you. These cushions going for cheap. Didnt have too much time to stay and look though.

Oppai mousepads for only 980 yen!

Retail stores need to pay to throw away rubbish and they do so buy buying a ticket from the convenience store that they stick on the rubbish bag.
Some folks however just throw their rubbish out which annoys the rubbish collectors.

Here the rubbish collectors have left a polite message:-
Dont dump rubbish here that does not have a ticket or you will be killed"Korosu" means to kill. The term used here however is "Buchi Korosu" which means to "pound to death" ^^;

They also give out free girls too!
Was given a flier and a trial version of the eroge Saimin Seikatsu which features a lot of ecchi girls who you can see in action at the official page for the game. PV below.

Dinner with Bandai at one of my fave places - Negishi.

The next Ichiban Kuji are the Evangelion girls. Anything tickle your fancy?

Some capsule Ojyou Drossel. Give them a lick of Top Coat and they'll look quite decent. This blog has a review up of them.

Instant cosplay sets.

OK, Akihabara station is just across this bridge. I'm going to have to leave you in the lurch again as I need to get back and prepare for the Wonder Festival taking place tomorrow.

All photos here taken with the Lumix GF1 and pancake lens.