Akihabara October 2016

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2016/10/09 11:41 JST in Places to visit in Japan
Better late than never - photos taken a few weeks ago in Akihabara when it was still rather hot - now its just cloudy and muggy as Japan has been taking a battering from a countless number of typhoons.
Folks ask me why I don't open a shop in Akihabara - easy to ask - not so easy to execute. At the moment, Mirai Store can make up to 20% of our total revenue which is a large chunk - most folks know what they want when they make their way to the store.
Having a store in Akihabara would increase the amount of walk-ins who will discover our products but I'm not entirely sure how many of them will convert to purchases especially considering the price of our products.
However, the Mirai Department Store that we did at Isetan Shinjuku recently not only exposed our products to an entirely new group of consumers but also converted well due to the type of consumer who typically shops at Isetan. We had many folks who saw our product for the first time and bought our Smart Dolls on the spot - many of them buying two together with accessories too.
A store in Akihabara would also be too costly for us at this moment in time - we don't have the logistics or systems to support such a move.
Anyway, I'm going to leave you with a wall of Akihabara photos as I try to catch up with some more writing today.