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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2012/06/03 10:04 JST in Japanese Pop Culture

Been out n about in Akihabara of late and here are a bunch of photos that I took in the holy land by day and night. However, Akihabara is also probably the most dangerous place to visit in Japan - before you know it your wallet will be empty and you will have to walk or swim back home ^^

Akihabara station is where you will be wanting to get off.

Electric town exit. Miku is up on the Sega arcade but no sign of Mikudayo.


Used to be very bright around here. Its been over a year since the earthquake and while many shops are lighting up, its still noticeably darker than before the quake.

Sofmap - full of games in this one.

Loads of arcades filled with UFO catcher exclusive goodies.

A load of manga and magazines at Comic Zin.

There are many Softmap buildings in Akihabara - the big one on the corner (right of this photo) has a load of electronics. The one on the left of this photo is filled with eroge.

And here it is! Eroge and a lot of other media items too.

If you are in Akihabara, head to the anime merchandise section of many anime shops and you will most likely find some Moekana ^o^
Although Moekana was designed for foreigners to learn Japanese, many Japanese folks purchased the product for their kids too and it became the 2nd best selling anime product on Amazon Japan.

Akihabara has changed so much over the years - see how in the History of Akihabara photo post.

This deck is at the UDX building - during early evening when its still bright you would see folks sitting here enjoying the views of Akihabara down below.

Inside the UDX building are some restaurants - lots of traditional foods to be found in there.

Today's traditional food is Ton Katsu - deep fried pork in breadcrumbs.

Dindins with my man at Yuzusoft - Rodo-san!

If you visit Akihabara of late, you are very likely to bump into an Itasha or two. Here is one for example...

...and here is another!

The Mirai Itasha Ver2 - freshly back from the printers delivered to me in Akihabara after my meeting ^^;

This was the first design - the logo ended up being too big - has been tweaked since with some Retrokyu added too.

This is Tanabe-san of Pop Box who I work with for all my printing needs - he done my Itasha and Itachari too!

Sone Dracuriot goodies fell in my lap on the way home.

Another day at Akihabara filming for my morning TV show in Japan called Check Time.

Apart from all the otaku goodies that you know Akihabara to have, you can also find a load of electronics too.

Super Potato! For all your retro game needs.

Akibaoo - they sell a load of electronic bits n pieces like memory cards, USB goodies and wot not.

Can you read that hiragana? If not you need Moekana.

Ita lockers.

We have 2D people in the streets too.

Interviewing you on the streets of Akihabara for the top places to visit by gaijin-san.

And the recording of that mornings episode is up on YouTube.

Thank you for coming on that day!

Wonder how long it will be until Mirai can earn a spot up there...

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