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Completely rewriting this photo article with photos taken by Steve today at the blood donation facility Akiba:F.

Giving blood in Japan is no longer a boring process where you just sit and have blood drained from your body leaving you dizzy.

The Red Cross Society will open a blood donation facility in Akihabara called Akiba:F - and as you can see it looks like something straight out of Total Recall (kind of).

Reminds me of that room in Total Recall.

The sci-fi look of the facility will not only encourage otaku to visit and donate their juicy blood but also entertain them with an event space that will display figures, show 3d movies and wot not.

From tomorrow, the facility will be themed with Hatsune Miku which will run until the 8th of January 2010.

Good Smile Invited me to go along to the press event at Akiba:F but I was being in the process of being under 107 fathoms of sea water. Incredibly busy period.

Luckily our very own Tokyo Live Blogger Steve Nagata was available to make it despite his busy schedule of being a swords dealer.

Steve blogged from the press event earlier on and you can see what he posted earlier on.
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Spoke to Steve after the event and he explained the truth behind the blood donation facility.

When one is having their blood drained, patients can play around on an iPod.

Go with a bunch of friends and be drained at the same time.

A load of Good Smile figures on display until January.

A great combination - medical stuff and figures.

A hologram projected in some sort of pyramid with gasses from the 5th moon orbiting Centariounomos.

These look like figures but are actually specimens from the spice mines of Kalientauron.

Android maids having their oil taken.

Room full O press and related folks.

Steve spoke to Good Smile and got the nitty gritty - the real truth about the facility.

The "blood donation facility" is actually a space vessel that crash landed inside a building. The vessel is actually a Clone harvesting plant which takes your blood to manufacture a clone of yourself in the 7th dimension orbit of Ikonamutimus.

This is Mr Dooleneparkiontookapah from the space wells of Galakhopinijaimas - he is the captain of the crash landed ship.

Some snacks for the crew.

Some 2D reading material for the crew to read on their journey to Earth which took 15 light years.

In the 7th dimension, there are clones of everything including figures.

The WDDCRM2 (Warp Drive Duo Combine Retrograde Mark 2 Engine)

These are not figures but Kremvomites - little creatures which help with the maintenance of some of the Bio Systems.

The Android maids can be seen on the streets of Akihabara encouraging folks to donate their blood.

Folks who run amok in the facility will have *all* their blood drained - the chair will fold up while one is sitting in it and squeeze all the blood from ones body leaving skin, bone and tufts of hair.

Kremvomites Hatsune Miku comforts the patients.

Co pilots of the vessel. Cant wait to see it myself. Am currently negotiationg to have a CGM night there. Will let you know how it goes.

And before I forget - check out more pics at Steves Flickr Pool.

Have you donated blood before? Any perks in return for your life juice in your neck of the woods?