Akiba Report 2

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2007/02/13 16:20 JST in Tokyo Stormtrooper

Here is the second part of my Akiba 'report' broadcasted last Friday night on Tokyo MX TV. Uploaded to YouTube for you to take a look at while you take a poo or something. I say that because I noticed some employees at Microsoft taking their laptops into the toilet. They could just be taking a poo between meetings but what I bet they are really up to is...

Infront of a vending machine that contains my fave Japanese drink - Calpis water. Renamed 'Calpico' in the west because 'Calpis' sounded too much like 'Cow Piss'.
BTW, my report starts 5 mins into that YouTube clip.

Get your Idol DVDs at Lammtarra when you are in town.

Toranoana is a place where you can all your anime, ero, doujin and other stuff to keep you company on those lonely nights.
After seeing myself on TV for a while, I am determined to get rid of the "ehtooo, ahno" - the equivalent in English being "ummmmm, ermmmmm". I know I have that bad habit in English too. I'm not usually like that and only become the "erm-man" infront of the camera ^^;

Walking around Toranoana. If you came here you would probably use up all your money. Saw a really nice image book of Louise from Zero no Tsukaima. BTW, anybody getting #''#B000JF0XDA,ゼロの使い魔ルイズ,this figure of Louise?#''#

This is the Maid Footcare place that I talked about previously.

Being 'welcomed home' by the maids.

Getting the hand care treatment.

Getting some grub and rest at one of those Starbucks look alike cafes.
For those who dont know, after Starbucks set up in Japan, many others jumped on the bandwagon and set up cafes which looked exactly like Starbucks - even the logo was similar.

To be continued?! Well yes - more shooting at Nakano Broadway this week.