Akemi Homura Figma

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2012/01/19 14:02 JST in Good Smile Company

Akemi Homura figma - gorgeous figure to have around on the desk but probably even more gorgeous if she was on your desk. Thats right folks - tis time for another giveaway! Today I'd like to thank folks who have my Google Plus account in their circle and together with the hobby online store Hobby Search, we would like to give away 1 of these Akemi Homura figma's.

All you have to do to win is tell me who your fave Madoka Magica girl is by choosing one of them from the poll below. For this particular poll, you need to be logged in to vote - if you need an account then signup! Then all you have to do is leave the url to your Google Plus account in the comments like:-

I'll choose a winner at random this time next week and announce it on my Google Plus account.

Here is the poll! Arms installation is complete - good luck!
Your fave Madoka Magica girl is?:Kaname Madoka:Akemi Homura:Tomoe Mami:Miki Sayaka:Sakura Kyoko

Update: The parser for your pasted urls in the comments is broke at the moment but dont worry about it - your url is noted ^^

Akemi got her head bitten off too so Mirai takes her place.

Akemi joins a new school.

Akemi comes with a load of weapons to whip her comrade figma's with.