AFAID 2015 Merchandise

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2015/09/24 01:03 JST in Culture Japan Booth

Its that time of year again! AFA Indonesia starts this Friday at Jakarta International Expo.

I've just landed in Jakarta and am setting up booth now - should all be ready by tomorrow evening. Everything seems to be going smoothly so far and the booth looks fantastic - the construction contractors here are just awesome!

This is where we are located in the hall - come quick especially if you want some of...

...Smart Dolls! We are selling Ebony & Ivory Futaba for the first time at an overseas event. We also have Mirai and Kizuna too.
7 million (!) Rupiah each. Cash only as our card machine only works in Japan and the US ><

Learning Japanese? You need Moekana and Moekanji.

Got a hole in the wall? You need a poster to cover it up.

Got bear belly? You need a T-shirt to cover it up.

Having some Teh Botol with Mirai at the Expo.

And some Nasi Goreng too - see you this weekend!
I will be on the main stage MC'ing with the lovely Disata-chan (she so cute!) but if I'm not there I will try to be at my booth.
Come speak to me about business wheeling n dealings and show me your cool ninja skills if you are interested in working for us - don't give me a resume as I don't need it - I need to see you in action instead.

Update! Photos taken today during booth setup and when out n about on the hunt for noms.

The back of our booth.