AFAID 14 Merchandise

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Its that time of year again - Asia's biggest anime event AFA (AFAID) returns to Indonesia for the 3rd consecutive time this weekend 15 - 17th August.
There will be a ton of seiyuu, anime producers/directors and a huge hall full of exhibitors which includes us ^o^
This first photo is of the Culture Japan booth at AFAID which got rather crowded at times ^^;
Here's a quick overview of what we have available this year for AFA Indonesia!
Prices are all in IDR and includes tax.
4 designs of T-shirts will be available, 3 of which are new in Indonesia.
Prices go down the more you buy. Save up to rp.150.000 if you buy 3 shirts at a go.
Why 3?
So that you can take this opportunity to get to know the person in front and behind you in the queue and place your order together so all of you save.
The first design is named "casual" named after the casual wear that Mirai is seen wearing a lot lately.
The second design is "Kimono 2".
Kimono design was very popular last year, and this year we are bringing a second edition of that design. Mirai-chan is wearing a more intricately designed kimono and holding a hinomaru fan in this new version.
Next up is the classic "Tora" design that is loved by everyone of all ages.
The Tora T-shirt has been with us since our first event and a Mirai booth without the Tora T-shirt just wouldn't be the same.
The last design is called "Summer".
A full sized print of Mirai in her summer uniform on a white T-shirt which I really like! Illustrated by DMYO-sensei. This would be the first time a full print Mirai shirt is available in Indonesia ^o^
Do note that there was a mistake on one of the menu's which previously showed a different design - this was because one of our ninja's got hit by a poison dart and lost some of their ninja juice.
Here's a size chart so you know which size to get. The sizes are based on US measurements and I wear the S size cos I like em tight n kinky.
The Moekana series has always been a top-seller in indonesia, and we are very excited to bring the second edition of Moekana to Indonesia this year.
The brand new and upgraded Moekana Second edition not only helps you learn Japanese hiragana, but katakana as well -- the two basic syllabaries of Japanese. It also comes with brand new illustrations and a game guide too, with 2 recommended games you can play using Moekana to learn Japanese at the same time.
rp.180.000 a pack.
You can also get it with Moekanji as well for a combined discounted price of rp.360.000
Moekanji is the follow up to Moekana - a pack of 87 fully illustrated color cards that help you learn first grade Japanese kanji.
Available at rp.240.000 a pack, as well as a combined discounted price of rp.360.000 if you buy it with a pack of Moekana.
Deck cases to protect your brand new Moekana and Moekanji - just rp.100.000 each or rp.85.000 each if you buy 2 or more.
There are other ways you can use the cases - here are some examples.
We also have an all new selection of 7 different posters filled with cute girls. Only rp.100.000 a piece, or rp.170.000 for 2. A closer look at each of them below.
01: Japan Traveller
Filled with the most iconic landmarks of Japan. Put it on your wall for encouragement to visit every single one of them!
02: Japan Map
The same landmarks we see in the first poster, but in a map view.
Learn a little about Japanese geography along the way too.
03: Mirai Horoscope
This design was first given away as a free micro-fibre towel with the Moekana Second Edition on AmiAmi. Now you can have it at a much, much larger size.
04: Mirai Bikini
Mirai in her cute bikini, illustrated by Iizuki Tasuku-sensei.
05: Mirai Summer
Mirai in her summer uniform, illustrated by DMYO-sensei.
06: Kizuna Bikini
Kizuna in her hypnotising bikini, illustrated by DMYO-sensei.
07: Chitose Lab
Chitose in her lab uniform, illustrated by DMYO-sensei.
If you can't afford any of our stuff then here are the photoshop files for you - only for your personal use please!
Here is a mockup of what the booth *should* look like if everything goes smoothly and according to plan ^^;
There was a lack of space for the line last year and it ended up being a little chaotic. We will try to have 3 counters this year to speed up the process and keep the lines shorter, so you can spend more time visiting other booths and stage events as well!
We are located in the Assembly Hall this year and should be clearly visible, right in front of the entrace to the Assembly Hall and opposite the AFA Cafe.
Every purchase at our booth comes with a free Mirai paper bag that will look something like this mockup over here (while stocks last).
We will also be bringing a very limited set of Mirai Suenaga Smart Dolls with us which you can take home directly from AFA so there will be no hassle with the customs and what not. If you are going to AFA and are planning to start your journey with dolls, be sure to come by the Culture Japan booth early!
For those of you who are still saving up for one or deciding whether to get a PS4 instead, Mirai-chan will also be on display and we will be setting up a meet-and-greet section in the booth where you can have some hands-on experience with Mirai-chan and take photos with her.
I'll be at AFAID for all 3 days and hope to see you there. If I'm not at my booth the I will most likely be on stage MC'ing. If we don't manage to catch up with each other at AFAID, we can certainly do so at CJ Night.
Just like previous years, CJ Night will be held on the Monday following AFA. This year it will be held at the same venue - Jakarta Design Centre, Lotus Room - on 18th August from 6pm to 9pm.
CJ Night is a place for like minded comrades to mingle and get to know each other. I love spending time with readers and will be doing the usual signing and photo sessions and hunting for talent too ^o^
Also feel free to bring your figures and dolls to display. Got cosplay? Also can!
I'm always looking for folks who can either work for us full or part time or take on commision work. If you got stuff to show me then just bring it along!


This year's CJ Night Jakarta will be free as we managed to get a good price on the venue. There will be no food though so please grab some noms before coming.
If you are coming then register in the form below and just show up on the day.
And there is more!
You can get celeb cosplayer Ying Tze's photobook and poster of her cosplaying as our Culture Japan girls at the AFA shop!
Pricing as follows.
  1. Photobook = 150 K IDR
  2. A3 Sized Poster = 50 K IDR
Here she is as Kanata!
And here she is as Mirai in her maid costume @.@
You can also follow Ying Tze on her Facebook.